Christmas Cantata and Celebration at EBI

A Christmas Cantata and Celebration was held at EBI on December 21st and attended by 324 people, including many of the 150 Compassion sponsored kids and their families, and members of Emmaus Christian Fellowship.  Below are more pictures and a report about this and other EBI Christmas activities (including 4 nights of caroling).

December 23rd report by Sister Ofel Mendizabal, director of EBI:
Greetings in Christ Most Precious Name!!
Christmas Party and Cantata for children had been successfully done by the Grace of God last 21st of December. We got an attendance of about 324 children, young peoples and adults. Praise GOD!! There’s the Sunday Service Worship in the morning as usual and in the afternoon, children rendered Christmas songs for our Christmas Cantata with the theme of “Thank you, Thank you, ang babait ninyo”(“Thank you, Thank you because you’re all so kind”). There is a short program and some fun games for both children and parents.
Last December 17 to 21, we conducted our Christmas Caroling and Praise God, we gathered P 8,857/$210 in the said fund raising activity. We got 2 teams of carolers composed of EBI students, some Bulabog youths, Ptr. Marlon, my kids and myself encircling 3 barangays, Guinlajon, Pangpang and Basud. It was a lot of fun especially for the young people. With the said amount, we are planning to buy a new beat box and replace the old pulpit in ECF which will cost of about P 4,000 and Ptr. Mario will be the one who will make it. The old pulpit here in ECF will be given to Penafrancia Church. And the left amount, we can use it to buy a microphone or fix the old projector that can be used in Bulabog Church.
We had also a Christmas Party for all EBI students and staff.
This coming 26th of December, Pastor Virgilio, Ate Let and I decided to withdraw the said amount of P 15,000/ $360 to be given to those church members that had damage by Typhoon Ruby on Dec. 8. Also note that the Balikbayan box has not yet arrived.
Due to the typhoon, the Anniversary Event of Bulabog Church has been postponed. The 1st Church Anniversary will be on the 31st of December. Please pray for a very positive response of the members and people that will attend the Church Anniversary.
I already bought guitars for Ptr. Jess in Patag Church and for Ptr. Nonilon in Montecal Church and I bought 36 pieces of chairs for Barcelona, Penafrancia and Bulabog Church.
We are touched by your generosity for all of the PAMI family. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!
Have a Wondrous Christmas and a Blessed New Year Ahead!! GOD Bless!!
All for Jesus,
Sis Ofel
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