2nd batch typhoon relief for Eastern Samar

10967721_776216379122005_491671749_nIt was stated in a previous blog entry ( Dec 7 Typhoon Ruby and Jan 17 Typhoon/Tropical Storm Amang ) that we planned on Pastor Randy delivering a second batch of typhoon relief to Eastern Samar.  That was completed, and here’s a report and pictures from it.  Just like last time, PAMI supplied another 10,000 pesos ($240) and Pastor Randy was able to multiply it to 50,350 pesos ($1200) with contributions from local churches.  1000 pesos of relief goods (including 10 kilograms = 22 lbs rice plus groceries) were distributed to each of 45 families in Dolores, Eastern Samar.

Here’s what Pastor Randy said about the 2nd batch of relief:
We delivered our 2nd batch relief in Dolores, Eastern Samar yesterday afternoon together with 4 pastors from Borongan, Giporlos and Basey. We contributed our finances, time, efforts to deliver help.
From different local churches we get 40,350 plus 10,000 from PAMI, we delivered 45 Packs of relief goods, every pack worth 1,000 pesos, 10 kilos of rice plus groceries.
Some amount we use it for transportation and food for volunters
Sad to say my cell phone that we use for taking a picture for our documentation is gone. Maybe it was lost when we traveled back to Borongan yesterday evening. One of our volunteer also had a cell phone with camera and supplied these photos.
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