EBI 18th commencement held March 16, 2015

EBI director, Sister Ofel Mendizabal wrote on April 7th:
Praise God! The Commencement Exercises were done in His Amazing grace. Our Graduation theme was “SHAPED FOR SERVING GOD” 1 Cor. 3:56. Ptr. Gumercendo Gile was our Commencement Speaker. It started at 1 pm – 4 pm.  Many people attended the event and some people from Samar visited the Bible School. One grandmother of a graduating student said: “At last, we have now a servant of God in our family called Pastora. They are really joyful and blessed that they became part of this event and proud of their love ones who fully committed in the service of God. It was such a wonderful occasion because God was and will be using EBI an instrument of nurturing people/students in spiritual aspects of their lives. As another great moment of their lives came to an end, we know that they are well-equipped and well-trained as they continue the journey in their lives serving God and fully trust in Him.
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There are 6 graduated this year:
Ferkay Calubag became the class representative, is now processing her papers going to U.S for continuing her studies and at the same time, will teach in Sunday school in California. She is the niece of Chenkay Duncan.
Michelle Catubig who become a part our Mission is now teaching and handling one of the classes in PADABA (Compassion). She starts teaching last week.
Felmar Guray will be joining our Ministry in Bulan.
Maximino Espinar is helping his Uncle in their mother church for bible studies and playing instruments on Sunday worship.
Annie Guevarra is now helping her Pastora in their Ministry in Castilla.
Bryan Marinas also want to join PAMI and now volunteering himself in helping outreaches and bible studies here at ECF.
In His Amazing grace, all things worked together for good.
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