EBI Grand Reunion held April 2nd

4/7/2015 from PAMI overall field director Ptr Virgilio Fulo: Thank God because the EBI Grand Reunion goes well and it was successful.  In spite of Depression Chedeng, God gave us good weather to celebrate.  Sister Letty gave and present EBI history very well. We play also all the pictures from first commencement exercises up to 18th exercises as a Powerpoint presentation.  Sis. Let received an award of certificate and trophy for her commitment and dedication in PAMI mission for over 30 years.
We felt joy, smile and laughter for how many years not seeing each other.  We develop love, concern, and unity among the pastors.  I strongly believe that in unity there is strength. Everybody is happy to see each other. Our dreams and plans were made into reality and fulfilled by God.
Attendance was 55 alumni from different towns of Sorsogon and a few other places. Because of depression, only Maximino from Samar attended. The government has a policy that no travel by water if there is depression because they don’t want to happen again like in Tacloban. That’s why Samar alumni unable to attend. However, alumni from the following places attended: Tabaco, Ligao, Camalig, Manila, Magallanes, Matnog, Bulan, Bulusan, Irosin, Sorsogon, Casiguran.
4/7/2015 from EBI director Sister Ofel MendizabalThe Grand EBI reunion was the most highlighted moment since EBI started in 1985 up to this present day. We had an extraordinary happiness during this time because most of the EBI alumni attended the said event. The attendees were 55 persons (EBI alumni only, not including their husband/wife and kids). We had feared that the Super Typhoon Chedeng would interfere with our Grand Alumni Homecoming but PRAISE GOD because with our prayers the typhoon decreased its power and eventually became a low pressure area.  (However, even though the typhoon bypassed east of our area, it prevented alumni from the neighboring island of Samar from attending, since it was too wavy or too risky to take the ferry.)
We had a nice fellowship. Everyone was excited to see each other and reminisce about their student life at EBI. We enjoyed a bountiful lunch, all Filipino delicacies and sandwich and juice for snacks. Also we elected our Alumni officers: President: Ptr. July Enaje
Vice President: Ptr. Mario Gacis
Secretary: Ptr. Rafael Dominguez
Treasurer: Ptr. Rommel Cervantes
Auditor: Leoly Nayve
We let the people share their part by choosing the Alumni officers.
On May 11, they will be having their 1st meeting, tackling things about:
– Guidelines and Policies
– Prioritizing the EBI facilities
– Needs of Individual, Workers and Pastors in the near future (ex. Help during sickness, etc.)
The occasion turned out well all in all. Everyone is very willing to extend their gifts of love to help improve our facilities at EBI.
Prayer Request:  Ptr. William Thompson is in the hospital and needs God’s Healing.  He was a special speaker at the reunion, since he was from the first graduating class and many look up to him.  Although he currently pastors in Matnog for Joy, a Korean Presbyterian mission, he still teaches once a week at EBI (e.g. deeper subjects like Hebrew and Greek). After the reunion, he vomited and spent 6 days in the ICU, with diabetes complications, heart issues, urinary tract infection, and dialysis.
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