January Reports from Ptr Virgilio

Goals of Bulan Church and its daughter churches for the next year

Goals of Bulan Church and its daughter churches/outreaches for the coming year (excerpted from one of the reports that can be seen in its entirety below).

Click on the links below to see two January reports from Pastor Virgilio Fulo, who is the overall field director of PAMI and the head pastor of the Bulan Partition of PAMI (the Bulan Church and its daughter churches).  Although a couple things in these reports relate to the overall mission (e.g. pastors meeting at Emmaus Bible Institute for masteral classes and monthly pastor meeting), most of these reports focus on the Bulan ministry.  They include pictures and summaries regarding Christmas celebration, initial typhoon aid distribution, other church and young people’s activities, Bulan church annual meeting, etc.
Fulo 1-1-16 Report
Fulo 1-19-16 Report