Irosin Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands

The Irosin PAMI church sponsored a Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands event in Irosin Public Auditorium on April 21, with 5 bands participating (3 of them believers and 2 of them unbelievers) and 300 attending (about half unbelievers).  This was a good exposure to Christian music and also served as a fundraiser.  Three of the bands were from Gubat, one from Irosin, and one from Sorsogon.  More bands have indicated they’d participate if such an event is held again.  Pastor Gumer says:  “Many were positively influenced. The unbeliever bands were embracing the christian songs. In fact the 2 band of unbeliever were ready by next time. Likewise one of the drummer at Gubat want to join the band in PAMI Irosin Christian Church.”