EBI partition reports and slideshows

May 21st baptism of 41 at beach in Bacon, Sorsogon City

Here are reports from Sister Ofel Mendizabal, the director of the EBI Partition:
Ofel 6-7-18 June 2018 Report Letter
Ofel June 22 2018 Report Letter B
Ofel Letter 7-3-18B
Below are pdf versions of picture slideshows of some various ministries of the EBI partition:
EBI Baptism May 2018
EBI May 2018 Padaba Youth counseling
note: Padaba is another name for Compassion sponsored child (it means well-loved and cared for)
EBI May 2018 OCC Bible Distribution
EBI May 2018 Trip ro Samar & Padaba Parents Meeting
EBI Students 7-3-18