EBI partition updates

EBI hosts many workshops and continuing education opportunities, including masteral extension classes of the Bicol Center of Christian Leadership where guest speakers have come on Friday afternoons for the last two or three years. Interestingly, a retired pastor from Oakwood Community Church of Waconia, Minnesota has taught these extension classes three different months over the last year.

Pastors and workers attended the BCCL classes on Acts taught by guest pastor Steve Anderson from Waconia, MN

Emmaus Bible Institute is one of three partitions of PAMI and is headed by Sister Ofel Mendizabal.  It includes the ministries of the EBI campus and it’s daughter churches of Bulabog and Pena Francia.  The ministries of EBI campus include a four-year post-secondary Bible school currently with 19 students, a child development center for 150 Compassion sponsored Padaba (“well loved” or “well cared for”) kids, Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church which serves both the campus and neighborhood, and many outreaches that include Bible studies, children’s milk feedings, weekly Values Instruction Classes in public schools, Family Development Sessions, and Youth Development Sessions.  Click on the following to see reports and pictures of recent highlights of the EBI partition.
Ofel Letter 09-18-18
EBI Partition Updates 11-7-18
ECF Sunday worship service
Cell Group Bible study
Cell groups
Ebi classes
Ebi students drama
EBI Students Testimony
Matt 18 and FOP
Oath taking officers of Sorsogon pastor association
Bible study ticol
Bulabog Sunday worship service and lunch fellowship
Bulabog church elder meeting
Bulabog Youth fellowship
Capoy Children ministry
Construction of padaba classroom
Padaba Children Plenary
Padaba Parent meeting
Padaba simultaneous activity and intern meeting

Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 1
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 2
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 3
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 4
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 5
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 6
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 7
Padaba Simultaneous activities and baptism 8
Remembering Ptr. Chito
Message 11-17-2018
Padaba classroom & Boxes from ICLD
Ebi 1st year students
Ofel Message 11-20-18
Estimate for finishing new classroom
Estimate for Improved Back Fence
Distribution of ICLD Books