Youth Development Team Building at EBI & update from Sis Ofel

Here’s an August 15th update from Sis Ofel: EBI Partition Updates Aug 2019
It appears that the mosquito borne Dengue Fever is still a problem in the Province.  Sis Ofel mentioned in her report about Sis Gloria Tumala going to the hospital for it.  She got released about two weeks ago. Now Ptr Redgie’s 4-year-old daughter Novelee Izzy is being tested for it.  Ptr Redgie says the government is doing chemical fogging/misting on their street in Baybay, Castilla.
Also, here are some pictures of a May 24th Social Welfare Youth Development Team Building held at EBI.  Note that some of these games resemble those done at the April all-PAMI Youth Camp.