Letter From an EBI Student Sponsored by Trinity E. Free Youth

The youth group of Trinity E. Free Church of Lakeville, MN began sponsoring an EBI student named Abner at $30 per month in December 2009.  In turn, they’ve felt a close bond, because they’ve had communications back and forth with him.  Other EBI students could really use sponsors too.  $30 per month covers a student’s food and a small allowance for hygiene and school supplies.     
The youth of Trinity sent some letters and photos of themselves writing letters to Abner.  Below are a couple examples.  In turn, Abner wrote the following letter back to them.  He gives an interesting description of the life of a typical EBI student.

Dear Sis Chris and beloved youth of Trinity Evan. Free Church,
Greetings of love in Christ. I’m so happy when Pastor chito told me that I was chosen by you and your church to sponsor; and when I received the parcel, I was so overwhelmed. I felt I’m so loved and important. I haven’t experienced this in my life. God is so great. Thank you very much.
Life here at Emmaus Bible Institute is exciting, enjoyable but sometimes hard. The difficult part is coping up with the lessons, studying for exams and doing reports and projects. Please pray for me. The exciting part is meeting God everyday for our Devotion or Dawn Watch. We have to wake up at about 4:30AM because Devotion starts 5AM. Worshipping God that early thorugh songs is awesome. We read a Bible chapter a day and a scheduled leader (pastor, worker, staff, senior students) gives the short exhortation; then we proceed for the prayer requests of the day and pray together (this is done from 5AM to 6AM). Then, all of us proceed to specific duties: some clean the yards, other prepare breakfast, fetch water, help in the bakery and many others proceed to be ready for school. Our first period starts 7:30AM; We second year students have 7 subjects: Book of Hebrews, Pneumatology, Pauline Epistles, Daniel&Revelation, Homiletics, Christian Ethics and Life of Christ.
In the afternoon, we have work program from 1:30 to 5:30. We have been assigned task for the week like fetching water, gardening, cleaning the surrounding, helping in the bakery and others.
Then, the study time at 7PM to 9PM.
Classes done Monday to Friday. Saturday is Kids Compassion. I’m so happy waiting for the kids to come very early in the morning. I have been assigned as watcher at the gate. Emmaus is very near the highway and it’s too dangerous for kids to go out or just walk across the road.
Saturday afternoon is our outreach. We do house to house evangelism and teaching children. Many of our Bible studies live in the mountain. But they’re always excited to see us, attend Bible study and their children to attend children’s lessons too.
Thank you very much for helping me with my school needs. And your letters give me much encouragements: Thanks Kevin & Thomas, Thanks Sam, Gabrielle, Logan and Matt, Katy Lee, Natalie, Kelsey, Cody, Kyle, Laura & Amanda, Cathy, Phil, Jim, Lee Ann, Noah, Sarah, Katie& Caitlyn, Michael, Hi Tate. You’re all  joy and inspiration to me. Your financial assistace is a big, big help for my school needs here.
Please pray for my mother, Sis Rodita, that she may have work to support the family as my father died last 7 months ago.
Also for wisdom in my study. Protection too for me and my family.
God bless us all!
Love in Christ,
Bro Abner
EBI second year student

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  1. Brother Abner, We are overjoyed that you wrote back to us.
    We will continue to pray for you and now for you mother.
    God bless you, Lee Ann

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