News from Bulan

Update from Ptr. Virgilio Fulo:
Woman delivered from bondage of idolatry …  Revival in the love of Christ … Lapinig 7th anniversary …

Praise God we magnify the Name of the Lord for all the things have done to us for the previous year. As Christian of course there will be ups and down experience, because it’s a part of our life, even crossroads storms of life can be use by God, for a vehicle of His blessings we thank for all. Anyway we have a good and fresh start. We celebrated nice and good New Year. After we conducted our first meeting of the year 2010. Everyone share their good and precious ideas for the growth and expansion of God’s Kingdom such as: goals, strategy, plan and vision in order to reach the goals.
Ptr. Jun Palacio dedicated his own house in Pawa bulan.
Children dedicated:
Eloisa from Gate bulan
Josiah Nathan  from zone 7.
Yeleenah from pawa.
Jared from San Juan.
Yron from Lapinig Magallanes.
Ana Mae from Lapinig Magallanes .
Darius from lapinig Magallanes.
Fabrica church Anniversary dated jan 16, we have a very nice celebration some members who experience relapses and stagnant fellowship with God. Their fellowship was restored they experience revival they return their first love to Christ. They become more active in attending service.
Delivered from Idolatry
There is an old Woman from Fabrica name Sis. S she attended Bible study conducted in Bro. Leo’s house for many years she believe in idolatry her life was bondage of sin and wickedness but last Feb. 13, God will delivered her from the bondage of idolatry when she surrender all her idols. She experience salvation and deliverance. What I did is to burned all the idols that is evil Spirit the Bible says in Deuteronomy to burned them all because that is an abominable in the sight of God. This time Sis. S will continue attend the service she is happy because she find the truth the Word of God.
Lapinig celebrated 7th anniversary dated feb 13, we have a good celebration Ptr. Jun Palacio was the speaker. Many members from bulan town attend the celebration Church has big improvements they look very nice it’s already finished by the help of the elders and church member. The walls of the church are concrete. The roofs are made up of light materials. Thank God for his gracious provision for the needs of the church. Ptr. Pio has new bible study. Sis. Analyn and bro. many they attending and they accepted the Lord Jesus as savior and life. The Bible study is effective and fruitful. Many children attending Sunday service there were 3 children dedicated to the Lord
Sis. Michelle begins Ministry
One of the graduated students sis. Michelle Liclican joined the prayer of the pastors and elders in our Sunday service we discuss about her plan and desire to work under bulan church to do a pioneering ministry in san Juan her own place. We agreed and decided that half of allowance will be cover by the church through the offerings and pledges of the church we are praying for another supporter to cover of sis. Michelle allowance.

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