Thank You Minnesota Valley Kids

To Him who can do more than all we ask or imagine …  Minnesota Valley Church of Lakeville, MN held their Vacation Bible School July 18-21.  Included in the VBS program were mission presentations given by PAMI volunteers on the life and ministry in the Philippines.  Children were encouraged to bring in their offerings to go towards PAMI’s milk feeding ministry.  An intense competition between the boys and the girls upped the ante every night.  By the end of the fourth and final night, the Minnesota Valley kids had brought in a total of $700.

As shown below, the money raised was enough to sponsor the milk feedings at a single PAMI location for almost 2 1/2 years.  Thank you Minnesota Valley Kids!  The Lord will multiply your gifts many times over!

Note: Each glass of milk on the board represents one month of milk feedings that will be supported

Pictures from Minnesota Valley Church VBS can be found at:

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