Evangelism Via Radio, Massage, and Haircuts (news from Casiguran and Allen)

Ptr Rafael (left) and Ptr Randy's son Jordan (right) with a Casiguran family who listens to Ptr Randy's radio programs.

Although Casiguran and Allen are in two different Provinces and two different islands, the two share a couple connections. Evidently the FM radio signal from Ptr Randy’s programs broadcasted from Allen, Samar are able to travel over 30 miles and be heard by people in Casiguran, Sorsogon. In turn, there were listeners from Casiguran that sent text messages to Ptr Randy, and Ptr Randy then introduced them to Ptr Rafael.

Furthermore, both Casiguran and Allen employ creative means to reach out to people.  As you can see in the following reports, Sis Elsie has used massage of babies and mothers to start Bible studies in Casiguran.  And Ptr Randy has convinced a radio listener to offer free haircuts to reach kids at the local school.  I am reminded of 1Cor 9:22 where Paul says, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.”
CASIGURAN PAMI MINISTRY. Our Bible study in San Juan (one that was endorsed by Ptr Randy as radio listeners) is increasing in number, from this family to 5 more adults. Though the site is far from our house, yet the response of people is very encouraging. Bible club in our house is growing too, most attended by youth and children and some adults. My wife Elsie was able to start Bible study with some women as a result of massage. We call this “hilot.” Our house is near TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) school and Elsie was able to enroll and finish the 6month training (every Saturday only). This is mostly for baby massage. Baby that has fever. But massage for adults is included in the training, provided that you’ll do it with same gender. Anyway, having this skill is an added extension of labor of love especially for mother and baby. Which in turn provides an opportunity for opening Bible studies.
Please continue to pray for us and the Lord’s work. That God would provide us more avenue of service to reach out many more people for Christ.
Partners in God’s mission,
Ptr Rafael & Elsie Dominguez
with Baby Kyle
Dear Brother Mike,
Greeting from the Island of Samar in Jesus Name…
Our schedule by this month is to visit some of barrio here in allen to have a contact more.
Lordylyn is a big help for us specially for our ministry here, she have a lot of talent too, like radio, Handle Bible Study, Song leading, she is our companion for our evening radio program, and I teach her little by little about computer, and I thank God because she is teachable. (Note that Sis Lordylyn is still working as a volunteer while waiting to be sponsored.  See the May 5 entry for more info and references about Lordylyn.)
One of our radio listener have own a barber shop here in allen, I convinced the own to have a Free Haircut at the elementary school and praise God because a lot of elementary student enjoy a free haircut in their school, before we start I am the one who give inspirational message. We have now newly Bible study in Barangay Lipata allen, most of our Listener is member of one of the cults here but praise God they are now regular listener and have Bible study in their house.
For your information about samar church planter here, I organized all PAMI church planter here to have a monthly meeting our schedule this month is in Calbayog city to talk about all concerns for our mission and how to help each of one to reach the area, second is san isidro and allen and lavezares too, we have a lot of plan about samar by this time with our new co-workers in His vineyard.
Thank you for your continue in prayer and in financial help. God bless you all. 
Pastor Randy & Family
Again Dear Brother Mike,
Thanks be to God!
We have a new member sis Eden came from Batangas City , but her husband is native here in Allen, She is also one of our radio listener here, Nida handled bible study in their house there are six women attendee hoping they will continue.


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