We are all blessed to have you as partners!

A greeting from Pastor Chito Mendizabal written for the PAMI annual pot luck held on September 24
Beloved in the Lord Jesus,
I wrote this letter just after our prayer meeting this night. We prayed for so many things as always because of so many needs: healing, protection from Dengue virus, safe delivery of pregnant mothers in our Bible studies, job for a father who’s contemplating to transfer his family to other place because of lack of job opportunities here, budget for church buildings, progress of our small groups… but we also had a special prayer for you in your event for tomorrow, the PAMI Potluck Fellowship. And whenever we have you in our prayer lists, our hearts were burnt with fire of grace, love and courage knowing that we’re always in your intercessions and prayers. Likened to Aaron and Hur holding the hands of Moses until Joshua and some Israelites defeated the Amalekites (Exodus 17).

The mission of reaching our own people for Christ is not easy; it is not altogether good news. In my own small group every Thursday afternoon (Joy Small Group), one very active attendee was repeatedly battered by her husband just because she’s attending Bible study. Unable to attend Thursday, she attended Friday night prayer meeting with her kids. Again the abuses. But it seems that she’s unafraid, as she finds time to attend our church services whenever she has opportunity.
There was family in Bulusan who’s struggling with life because the father (Boy Robles) got stroke. He worked before as a  factory employee in the city before he was partially paralyzed. In this so hopeless situation, Pastor Virgil and Mommy Hilda ministered to the family, sharing the salvation offered by Christ. Mommy Hilda scheduled a regular massage therapy to Bro Boy for about 6 months. Last week, Bro Boy, wife Florida and two children demonstrated the giving of their lives to the Lord in water baptism. And Bro Boy is now able work on the farm again.
Many more stories of hope and faith in many different places which the mission is able to reach – in many places of Donsol, Castilla, Sorsogon, Irosin, Bulan, Casiguran, Bulusan, Allen, San Isidro, Calbayog and Davao… and in a few more months Mongolia… all those wonderful privileges of serving God and people… happened because you are our partners… our co-laborers in God’s field of harvest.
Many other partners in the Gospel are extending their hands in this labor of love like Faith Comes By Hearing, Compassion International, Feed My Starving Children or AmericanHelper, even some local Christians who’s sponsoring the children’s feeding at slum area….
Thank you so much… God as He promised, remember all your labor of love… We are always excited to go forward because there are Moses, Aaron and Hur like you to lift us up to God in prayers, comforting and edifying us in so many ways.
Love you all in the Lord Jesus,
in behalf of PAMI Philippines
Pastor Chito B. Mendizabal
Field Director

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