Calbayog Ministry

By Ptr. Isomel Espinar (pioneering in Calbayog since spring/summer of 2010)
Note that he still needs sponsoring. See also:

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First of all, we would like to thank God for the great privilege of serving Him in a place like Calbayog (Western Samar). What we did first, was entrusting to God this such big job in prayer. With Ptr Randy Rivera in his motorcylce, we encircled the city praying the people.
Next, we surveyed the place, gathering data which we could use in planning and developing strategies.
We’re able to find house, a strategic one, now establishing relationship with neighbors. It’s good that we’re able to start at once feding for children. In Bgy Pablican, we started home Bible studies.

Isomel and Dwight

Lorenzo (left) and Isomel (right)

An EBI intern Dwite Lumberio, helped me and my sister Michelle. Sometimes, Sis. Raquel assisted too, as we speak sometimes in her Bible study or worship service in San Isidro.
Please pray for God’s power in us. There is a strong spiritual battle here against spiritism and many forms of occults. Please pray too that we have wisdom in dealing with people and establishing more Bible studies.
More prayer requests:

  • More houses to be open for Bible studies
  • Protection and strength for us workers
  • Preparation for VBS
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Life partner and in the ministry.
  • More evangelism strategies

Thank you for being with us in prayer and all the supports. God bless you all!
In Christ,
Pastor Isomel Espinar
PAMI-Calbayog City

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