Update on Compassion and EBI Kids building

Kids receive new umbrellas from Compassion.

New kids building at EBI.

 Compassion has been impressed so far with how well EBI has administrated their program.  They’ve also been impressed with how our facility has improved with the addition of a new kids building.  In turn, they’ve allowed an additional 60 kids to be sponsored, bringing the total to 160 Compassion kids now.

Kids inside the new kids building.

When Minnesota Valley Church asked how they could help, Pastor Chito prepared the following cost estimate for things on the kids building that still needed finishing.  Praise God for how $578 was raised by a VBS offering at Minnesota Valley Church in July.  Praise God for how this will cover a lot of the finishing.  But we could still use a little more, especially if a bathroom is eventually added.
            Praise God for the additional 60 children to add the 100 sponsored kids. In the recent Project Evaluation & Assessment by Manila Compassion office, our Padaba (meaning well-favored kids) kids project rated competent in all its program and implementation. One of the plus factors is the constructed building intended for the kids. We are so happy that the impact of our labors of love are becoming more evident in the families and in the communities. We received nice commendation certificate from one of the school here in the area as “Friends of Education.” This is because of the improved performance of the kids in the school. As a result, many people are coming to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
            But our building still needs improvement especially that we now have additional children. We’re going to have another two classrooms for the added kids. One solution is to put a movable divider to two buildings (session hall & kids’ building) to accommodate 4 classes. The remaining two classes are in Emmaus Church.  Below are some of the estimated bill of materials:
1.   For movable dividers:
30 pcs good lumber 2x2x12 =    P 3240
16 pcs plywood  (P355 each)=       5680
Nail                                                 1000
Labor                                              3000
TOTAL                                        P12920 = $308
2.   Plaster of kids’ building:
        60 bags cement                          P 13080
         6 cubic m sand                                2700
         Labor skilled carpenters (15 days)  7500
TOTAL                                       P 23280 = $554
3.   Window Glass:                          P 3200 = $76
4.   Paint
8 gallons  paints (P455 each)      P 3640 = $87
*Dirty kitchen is a finished project by the church.
Any of the projects will be big help for us. Thank you very much. God rewards your faithfulness.
Love in the Lord Jesus,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal and
kids of Padaba (well-favored)
Philippine-Asian Missions

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