Reports from EBI student interns

These are reports from two students supported by the youth group of Trinity E. Free Church of Lakeville, MN.  Other EBI students could use sponsorship at $30 per month to help cover some of their expenses too.  See previous posts for more info:
From Brother Jess Huab 
To Brother Mike and Trinity Youth,
To God be the Glory! Thank you for your supporting me and your encouraging letters. I’m sorry that that I have a hard time to answer your letters because of my condition being an intern student. I seldom go to Emmaus, and I stay most of my time in a very remote village called Cawayan. This place is my burden because this place is where my roots come from. I pray that they will be saved too.
 At first, I received strong persecutions from the people here; that is, they disturbed my teaching (children) when they passed our house church by shouting. Mostly, those who did this were drunk people. But I just keep on teaching children and pray. I ask the church and other Christians to pray for me. And praise God, because the work for children continue and God even open opportunities for me to start Bible study in adults and young people.
 We did film showing here in Cawayan and people are becoming more receptive to the Gospel. I am so glad too that I started to have discipleship training to some of the youth here; in fact, some of them want to go to Emmaus Bible Institute when they finish high school.
 I really thank the Lord for the opportunity that I become a Bible school student. Because I could see for myself great things that happened to me. Before, when I was not yet Christian, I was very poor in my studies. Now, I can’t imagine that I would teach people. I thank the Lord for the wisdom.
 Please continue to pray for me and these prayer requests:

  • pioneering church in Barangay Cawayan
  • Fellowship area in Barangay Cawayan
  • Cell Group Youth Fellowship
  • Wisdom to preach and to teach God’s Word
  • Church Lot and building for PAMI Irosin
  • Livelihood for church members
  • Good health
  • Salvation of Huab family

 Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Jess Huab
Letter from Dioveta Anion
 Dear Brother Mike & Trinity Youth Group
 I thank the Lord for His grace; and also for all of you helping and supporting me with my needs as a Bible student. I finished the 6 months internship in San Isidro Northern Samar- I worked with Sis Raquel to start a church in San Isidro. My experiences in San Isidro were altogether easy because of some problems; first because of dialects. I usually speak in Tagalog but many of the people don’t understand Tagalog especially those elderly. So, I concentrated on teaching children because they have no problem with Tagalog language as it is being taught in school. I’m scared too when Sis Raquel and I go out because of some men following on us along the way; sometimes whistling on us. We too experienced flooding in our rented house.
 But, the above experiences are nothing compared to the people that being drawn to the Lordship of Christ; I am amazed to see children learn Christian songs and becoming worshiper of God as we go on teaching them. Not only children but young people and adults who open their houses to start Bible study.
 As of now, I am here in EBI to continue my internship. I’m helping three of the virtues small groups here doing Bible study. But I volunteer too to help in the house of Sis Ofel and Pastor Chito especially now the Pastor Chito needs enough rest. So, I help in the cooking of their food; sometimes in going to the market. I am happy doing this because Sis Ofel’s family is like my own family to me since I am already an orphan, I mean both of my parents were dead already.
 This coming October will end our internship and will have our remaining subjects this coming November, and Lord’s willing by March 2012, our graduation.
 Please continue to pray for me, especially for guidance and wisdom. Please pray too for my brothers and sisters and relatives that they may know the Lord Jesus too as their Lord and savior.
 God bless us all.
 In Christ,
Dioveta Anion 

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