Pictures from Pastor Randy

Here is a brief update, and some pictures from Pastor Randy in Allen
Dear Brother Mike,
How are you? We miss you.Sorry if i will not send you always my email because of Internet signal problem here in our place. I send you some of our picture here, hope you like all of this.
Gracelyn is so exited for her first year in college she taking up BSEED (Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education) she’s enrolled here in Allen.
A lot of my student for computer Literacy they are now church goers. Glory to God.  This month a lot of people who enrolled again for our 2 weeks training about computer literacy, Every session we have 20 minutes Bible Study that is why by this time we have a lot of Bible Study because of Computer Program. Glory to Him.
Our radio is still Blessing every morning to every family who open their radio, we have a lot of text  messages that we received everyday. Again thank you so much for your prayers and help, God bless us all always.

Pastor Randy

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