Report and pictures from Ptr Randy of distributing typhoon relief in early December

Here is a report and pictures of the initial $500 (21,575 pesos) of typhoon relief distributed by Ptr Randy.  1473950_563659600377685_1135920595_nSince we had more donations designated for typhoon relief come in, $600 more will be distributed next.  Depending on further donations, we’ll probably approve a third batch of aid after that.
By the way, I’ve heard from Ptr Randy that their electricity in Allen, Northern Samar was restored 25 days after the Nov. 7 typhoon.  So he can do his radio program again.
-Mike Thorud
This is what Ptr Randy says to go with the pictures:

I also conduct counselling specially to those lost their love ones, like the lady that i pray she lost her 2 sons and her husband is missing…and in our relief distribution i offer counselling and prayer after we gave our relief….

This is who will received our relief good, they are all extend their thanks to all donors specially PAMI families. We offer also prayer and short exortation and encouragement to them. We use two Motorcycle to bring the relief because the Van that suppose to be bringing our relief is not available and some other car or van is very expensive, 10,000 hire going Marabut, so I decide to use two motorcycle though very far to drive with Bro. Marlon and Michael, we depart Allen at around 9:30 a.m we arrive there at around 4:30 P.M when we are at place of Catbalogan we experience heavy rain all of our dress is wet that is why I change my pants to shorts. But we are all happy because we bring our relief to those people who are really in need. We Bring them Blanket, Towel, Mosquito nets, Pansit or noodles, tooth brush and tooth paste, cotton, lotion, powder, lighter, shampoo, Oath meal, Sleepers, and some toys for the kids. A lot of family we can’t give because we have only 53 packs to gave. Hoping in future time we bring again to those who can’t received. We finished in relief giving aroung 7:30 in the evening. When we are going to Catbalogan to look a hotel it is morethan 2 hours travel all of the sudden we experience accident with Bro. Marlon, but he is only have little wound , my hand is so hurt and my knees. But praise God we are all alive. Before we give our relief we ask first if they have already blanket if they have we can’t give blanket instead we gave towel for them. If they have mosquito nets we will not give mosquito net instead we gave them blanket, and so on and so port. Glory to God.

I received From Sister Ophel Php 21,575
We also give Php 1,500

Total: Php 23,075