Ptr Randy's visits to typhoon devastated southern Samar

Although it looked like it could hit us at one point, PAMI ministries were fortunate to be spared from damage fromimage (2) super typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) that hit the Philippines on Nov. 8th.  Its path stayed 100 miles away.  The closest PAMI churches were two in the northern part of Samar Island.  One of them is Pastor Randy’s church in Allen, Northern Samar.  Although he may not have electricity for a couple months, at least the people and buildings there are okay.  But places in the southern part of that same island were hard hit.  Places like Basey and Marabut in southern Samar are right next to Tacloban, which has been widely publicized in the news.  They were devasted just like Tacloban.  Pastor Randy and some other pastors have travelled to Basey and Marabut to offer grief counselling and other assistance. These are a few pictures from his visits there.  Our hearts especially go out to pastors and church members from that area that have lost family and friends, lost their homes, and lost their church buildings.  They are trying to make due with small improvised shelters as torential rains continue to fall.  They need food, water, clothes, help to rebuild, and encouragement.  PAMI has authorized an initial $500 for Ptr Randy to buy relief supplies and bring them to southern Samar.  If additional donations are given to PAMI designated for typhoon relief, we’d love to send even more help.  Please consider donating to this good cause.  Tax-deductible donations can be made via credit card on the donate tab on our website, or by mailing a check to PAMI at P.O. Box 201444, Bloomington, MN  55420-6444


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