Review of 2013

Anyone who gave at least $50 to PAMI in 2013 was sent a page of recent pictures entitled PAMI BULLETIN–JANUARY 2014 (see previous post) along with the following summary of highlights from the last year:

Thank you for your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2013--for being a channel of grace to others. 
The theme for the 2013 EBI graduation applies to us all:  "saved by grace to serve in grace"
(Eph 2:8-10).

It was a blessing this last year to make a three week visit to the Philippines in March with my long-time friends Ben and Pam Wellumson. Not only was it good to make sure things were still running well after losing Pastor Chito the year before, but it was mutually encouraging to be there for the graduation of 6 at EBI, a baptism of 14 in Bulan, and visiting most of our ministry sites and conducting a Kids Time 16 times to about 750.  We can testify that the mission remains strong, with 14 growing churches/church plants and a vibrant Bible school with 23 students.  The EBI campus also serves as home to Emmaus Christian Fellowship church with 16 cell groups and a center for 150 Compassion kids.  In addition, Christian radio programs, film showings, milk feedings, Bible studies, discipling, workshops, VBS, 3 – 4 group baptisms, and typhoon relief also occurred.  It’s through the partnership of dedicated Filipino workers and faithful U.S. supporters like you that all this is possible.