Christmas Celebration and Updates of Emmaus Bible Institute

Below is a December 20th email from Sister Ofel Mendizabal, our EBI campus director.  Along with this are pictures from the December 15th Christmas party of Emmaus Christian Fellowship and Compassion Padaba kids.  Two subsequent blog entries will include additional pictures related to things in this email update.
 Dear Bro. Mike,
To God be the Highest Glory!
As we feel the cold breeze of the air, we see that Christmas is almost approaching.  Seeing the life of Jesus when He was born, the shining star, the three wise men, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and Jesus Himself was the beginning of the fulfillment of the greatest miracle in our lives. We feel blessed with joy and satisfaction in our hearts as Christmas enters.
God is so good in our lives! I praise and thank Him for His abundant blessings and everything that He had done for us. For giving us joy in service, privilege and opportunity that we can serve Him fully.
We want to give our thanks to God for all the blessings and to all of the PAMI Board and Supporters, for all the financial assistance to our family, gifts, prayers and love. Thank you very much. God bless you in return.
As far as EMMAUS is concerned, Virtue cell group is still growing and continuing through the help of those who have passion and desire to be used by God in His vineyard. Who was sharing and gave their lives in the Lord’s service.
Last 15th of this month, we have our Church Christmas party and program after the service which were attended by almost 350 persons including children, young people and adults. We rejoice that God was moving towards our bible studies members, the PADABA parents and children. And God was working in their lives.
As far as PADABA Child Development Center is concerned, We want to say that God is blessing this program. The COMPASSION gives us another 10 children, ages 3-5 to be added this year 2014 on March.
Praise God that He opened another opportunity for us to serve Him. We opened a Church in Bulabog where Pastor Nanding was pastoring. He left Bulabog and moved to another ministry in Gubat. He gave us the Church to be cared off. He also permitted us and allowed us to use their Church. We follow-up and had a weekly visitation for those family who stayed there and left in the Church because other members seek another Church for their spiritual growth. We have prayer meeting at 6:30-8 pm every Wednesday and Sunday worship at 8-10:30 am. We started that fellowship on Dec. 1 2014. Praise God for the positive response of our brothers and sisters who were eagerly seeking a Church; along with all the Capuy cell groups.
We have now 2 churched extensions for EMMAUS Church. The Penafrancia Church to be pastored by Pastor Rolly Catubig will start this January 2014. And in Capuy, we are planning to put a mini-chapel there because it is far from EMMAUS Church. In Sitio Pocdol, we have 3 areas there that we are giving our spiritual care. We conducted bible studies and feeding program there every Sunday afternoon.
We are happy that we are been using by God in His grace to handle Capuy Ministry and Bulabog Church now.
I received a love gift of 6,000 pesos that I was thinking of buying a Mixer Instrument to be used in EMMAUS Church. It was a good sound system; but we needed to raise another 4,000 because it cost 10,000. But we will raise that fund through Christmas Caroling.
With the Grace of God, The Extending Saving Grace of God, We are truly blessed that God in His sovereignty, make and opened ministries for us.
Praise God for this wonderful privilege and opportunity to serve Him mightily and effectively.
In God’s presence, there is always fullness of joy.
Merry Christmas!!
With so much blessings from God,
Sis Ofel and kids
Prayer Requests
–    New Camera for Picture Documentation
–    Open Bible Studies in nearby Barangays Bucal-Bulacan/Rizal
–    Protection for Christmas Caroling
–    Good health
–    Internal laptop battery
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