Penafrancia developments

Penafrancia is a neighborhood about 2 kilometers east of Emmaus Bible Institute (towards downtown Sorsogon), Penafrancia-2013-5and is connected with the Catubig family.  Pastor Rolly Catubig graduated from EBI a couple years ago, and is a part-time fisherman and part-time pastor.  His part-time support comes from the offering of Emmaus Christian Fellowship.  His daughter Liezyl graduated from EBI last March, and his daughter Michelle is currently an EBI junior.
Pastor Rolly has led Bible study outreaches in Penafrancia for a couple years.  These outreaches have especially grown this last year after conducting film showing and evagelism help from EBI students.  As mentioned in the November 2013 PAMI newsletter, EBI students helped do evangelism in Penafrancia as part of a Discipleship class.  EBI students also helped with construction of a small chapel there.  Some of these photos show home outreaches and chapel construction.
The chapel was just recently complete enough for use.  The first Sunday Worship Service of Penafrancia Christian Church was conducted on January 5, 2014.  Ptr. Rolly invited Sis. Ofel to be their Speaker. The theme was “Making the Most of your time”.  The Service in Penafrancia is every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.  Penafrancia can now be considered a daughter church of Emmaus Christian Fellowship.  ECF is hoping to establish other daughter churches and build other small chapels like this in other nearby neighorhoods as well.