EBI Christmas caroling, balikbayan boxes, and Bulabog

 EBI did five nights of Christmas caroling, where students, staff, and staff family visited various people to sing for them, and then were given a few coins in return. The proceeds from this caroling helped buy a sound board mixing system. 

Two big balikbayan boxes arrived safely on Dec. 29th, which included Christmas gifts for PAMI workers, a projector, books, and used clothes. Some of the used clothes were distributed to people in Bulabog (see pictures). Some of the used clothes were taken by Pastor Randy and distributed with relief food in January to typhoon victims in Marabut, in southern Samar.
Bulabog has become another daughter church of EBI after being turned over to PAMI by Pastor Nanding Gabion when he moved to Gubat. Beginning early in December, Bulabog is now handled by Pastor Marlon Gabion, who is a cousin of Pastor Nanding. Pastor Marlon graduated from EBI last March, and was retained by PAMI to help with EBI ministries.
 Bulabog has a very nice church facility that was supplied by about $14,000 of gifts from Texas Christians several years ago. But when those Texas Christians eventually stopped their support, Pastor Nanding struggled to make ends meet. Then after losing some church members who moved away or started attending other churches, Pastor Nanding felt he needed to move on. Since the Bulabog church had dwindled to just three families, the challenge will now be to build it back up. Part of the plan is to conduct a film showing there, and have EBI students help with evangelism like they did in Penafrancia.