ECF vision for 2014 and pictures of Capuy

Sister Ofel says the Emmaus Christian Fellowship vision for 2014 includes the following:

♦  Conduct discipleship to ECF youths – Sunday School
♦  Conduct a Baptism
♦  Open Bible Studies in barangays near Bulabog, like Bucal-bucalan, Rizal and Panlayaan
♦  Develop a nice neighborhood relationship to the Bulabog Community
♦  Establish more daughter churches, including building a chapel in Capuy 

Since Capuy could be the next daughter church to be established after Penafrancia and Bulabog, I thought it would be nice to show some 2013 pictures from there. 
These first 4 shots were taken during our visit in March.  During that time, an adult Bible study was conducted under the veranda of a home while Ben and Pam Wellumson conducted a Kids Time under a simple thatched roof shelter a hundred meters away.
The other shots are from a VBS that was conducted there by EBI people in April.
Capuy-2013-01 Capuy-2013-02 Capuy-2013-03 Capuy-2013-04 Capuy-2013-05 Capuy-2013-06 Capuy-2013-07 Capuy-2013-08 Capuy-2013-09 Capuy-2013-10 Capuy-2013-11 Capuy-2013-12