Reports from Pastor Virgilio Fulo

PAMI-workers-mtg-2013-Oct-30Since Pastor Virgilio Fulo is both the Overall Field Director of the PAMI mission and the Head of the Bulan Partition (Bulan church and its three daughter churches), his reports are twofold.  They include minutes of monthly meetings of all PAMI pastors/workers and also include activities of the Bulan church and its daughter churches.  Pastor Virgilio is the senior pastor of the Bulan church and lives in the connected parsonage there with his wife Letty and young adult sons.  Note that the Oct 30th PAMI worker meeting included an official welcome to Pastor Jess Huab as a new PAMI worker serving in Patag, Irosin.  Also note that one of the big agenda items of these meetings is preparing for a big all-PAMI youth camp scheduled for April 7-11 (which is towards the beginning of their summer vacation months of April and May).  Here are some pdf files with info and pictures of recent meetings and activities reported by Pastor Virgilio:
PAMI Workers Meeting held at Irosin Church October 30, 2013  
PAMI Workers Meeting held January 27, 2014
Summary of 2013 and Vision for 2014 of Bulan and its daughter churches