Patag update

Patag is a barangay on the eastern outskirts of Irosin, where Pastor Jesus and Rebecca Huab have been conducting outreaches.  Pastor Jess is a 2012 EBI graduate who was added as a PAMI worker last fall.  Those outreaches included a three month feeding program sponsored by Child Community Ministry Philippines (CCMP).  After recently moving to a house they started renting for only 12 dollars a month, they also started conducting Sunday worship services in January.  They are now requesting some chairs which would cost 9 dollars apiece.  We’re glad to see how outreaches can lead to establishment of daughter churches.
Patag-church-2014-04 Jess-and-Rebecca-Huab-2013

Here are some excerpts from an email from Irosin Church Pastor Gumer Gile, his supervising pastor:

Last January 12, 2014, Pastor Jess conducted their first Sunday service which was attended by 7 persons. The following Sunday service they had an attendance of 20, and for the third Sunday service they had 22 people. Glory to God because He works continually in that area.
Patag-church-2014-01 Patag-church-2014-02

We had a three month feeding program in Brgy Patag, where in fact last December we had 25 children graduate with all of them receiving a gift from CCMP. Some of them are now attending Sunday service. To God be the glory because He used this ministry that serves to encourage children and parents in barangay Patag.

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