Tinampo update

Tinampo-2013-01Tinampo is a barangay on the northwestern outskirts of Irosin.  In the middle of last year, Pastor Gumer of the PAMI Irosin church told us how the owners of an old building in Tinampo offered to fix it up and make it available for starting ministry there.  After fixing the roof, they are now starting to use it.  This place could also use some better seating.  Here are some excerpts from an email from Pastor Gumer:
In regard to our ministry in Brgy Tinampo, last January 26, 2014 we held our first gathering for youths and children in our church there, although some of our three windows is under repair and the chairs are not ready to be used and the floor is not cemented, but our youth are all excited to attend the Sunday afternoon youth and children gathering.  Anyway we have pictures attached here but some are little bit dim because I used cell phone camera due to the battery of the canon camera was already old.
Presently we are preparing chairs made of wood only and to repair the three windows which are made of bamboo tree and it might be done after our monthly meeting this coming first Sunday February 2014 and then follows the things that are needed.
By the way, our prayer focus:
1.      Chairs  for the new churches in Tinampo and Patag
2.      For the rented house church in Patag
3.      The three months feeding program in Patag
4.      Two guitars
5.      Two beat boxes
6.      The upcoming Baptism
That’s all bro. Mike and God bless to all of you which is in PAMI Board USA.
Love in Christ,
Ptr. Gumer Gile and family
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