September 2016 PAMI News

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For further reference, here is the PAMI update email that accompanied the above newsletter:
Dear PAMI friends,
Attached is a pdf file of the latest PAMI newsletter (September 2016 PAMI News).  For reference, also attached is a pdf file of the previous PAMI publication (March 2016 PAMI Bulletin).
Please consider some of the things highlighted in the upper left boxes of the September 2016 PAMI News. Especially note how it says…
“Much needed: more attendees at monthly board meetings to hear exciting field news, discuss ideas, pray and assist.  A secretary especially needed, but others needed too.  Can come without making a big commitment.”
If interested in attending, we’re currently planning to next meet 1:30-3:30 pm Thursday, Sept. 22 at Emmaus Lutheran Church located at 8443 2nd Ave. S., Bloomington, MN.  Please call me (Mike Thorud) at H: 952-975-3632 or C: 952-797-4079 for more info or if coming is a possibility, and to confirm the time or date hasn’t changed.  The current 5 members of the board are fairly flexible if a different time or day works better for you.
We could really use new attendees to bring fresh ideas/energy/help, and since our board is smaller after a couple members moved away.  We’ve really appreciated how Tom Perin from Emmaus Lutheran attended the last 10 years or so, and we’ll greatly miss him as he moves to Bemidji to be closer to family.  It would be nice to have a representative from Emmaus Lutheran join us again, but attendees don’t have to be from Emmaus and don’t have to be Lutheran.  We very much appreciate Emmaus Lutheran for their long-time support and for letting us use their facilities.  However, PAMI is non-denominational.  You just need to love the Lord Jesus, and be interested in spreading his love to others.
Please consider helping with other things highlighted in the September 2016 PAMI News, including the following:

  • Opportunity to buy 7,400 square meters* (about 2 acres) of land in Mapaso, Irosin for $6400, which is only 40 pesos = 87 cents per square meter, to serve as a new ministry location and source of livelihood of coconuts, produce, and livestock. This is a place where we’ve previously conducted film showings and Bible studies. Mapaso has about 2000-3000 people and no church.  A small part of this land abuts the main highway connecting Irosin to Bulusan, and has a small store building that could also serve as a initial chapel/parsonage. *Note that a meter is slightly bigger than a yard.
  • Funding $2000 construction of a church building in Buhang, Barcelona on a lot being offered free of use for at least 10 years by members of the church plant there.
  • Sponsoring the $80/month allowance of Pastor Leonil, a recent graduate of EBI who is helping Pastor Pio Garduque establish Buhang as a daughter church of the Barcelona church.
  • Buying a $1500 new motorcycle for EBI, to replace an old one that has been needing monthly repairs.
  • Helping stock the new library at Mabini with religious and secular kids books/CDs, laptops, educational software, study aids, and games. This would help kick-off a new after-school drop-in study/resource/recreation center for students of the public elementary school that is practically next door.

In addition to helping with special projects like mentioned above, we also need help with our regular budget of $3300 per month.  We often have a deficit of about $1000 less coming in per month than going out, and have to dip into reserve funds to fill the gap.
We hope you continue to remember PAMI with your prayers and gifts. Tax-deductible gifts can be made by writing checks to PAMI and mailing to:
PAMI (Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc.)
P.O. Box 201444
Bloomington, MN 55420-6444
One-time or automatic monthly gifts to PAMI can also be made on-line through credit cards or Paypal with a modest fee of 2.2% + 30 cents by going to the “Donate” tab of our webite:
Note that PAMI newsletters can be found on our website (  More news and pictures can be found in postings within The PAMI Post blogsite (
Please forward this email to family, friends, and churches that might be interested in PAMI.
Grace and peace through Jesus,
Mike Thorud 9-12-16
PAMI volunteer president
P.S.  In addition to financial gifts, we could use donations of school supplies, hotel sized toiletries (soap, shampoo, lotions), toothbrushes, toothpaste, t-shirts, baseball hats, small toys, used Christian books & CDs, digital cameras, laptops, etc. If you have any of these items to donate, please give them to Mike Thorud, who will ship them in balikbayan boxes to the Philippines to help PAMI worker families, EBI students, members of churches/outreaches or other disadvantaged people, and also to stock the libraries of EBI and Mabini.