Reports and Pics from Ptr Gumer of Irosin Church and Outreaches

Pastor Gumer and son Moses heading out to Juag Island, Calintaan, Matnog where they meet with the families of Nicky Fruto and her cousin Adolfo. Pastor Gumer also helped Nicky to get medical treatment (insulin, liver medicine, and cataract surgeries).

Pastor Gumer Gile is a PAMI partition head (oversees church work of Irosin, Patag, Bulusan, Barcelona, Buhang, and Castilla).  He’s also the pastor of Irosin Church (located in the Bacolod neighborhood), does radio programs, and travels many places to conduct outreaches.  See below for more pictures and a couple of his reports:
July to Sept 2016
Oct toNov 2016
Letter of thanks to PAMI supporters from Ptr Gumer of Irosin Church


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