560 Samaritan's Purse OCC boxes distributed

Many kids were excited to have Christmas extend to late-February/early-March this year, when 560 Operation Christmas Child gift boxes were distributed in the following PAMI ministry locations:

The new chapel in Buhang was one of several sites happy to receive Operation Christmas Child gift boxes.

Irosin/Patag/Candumaay, Bulusan, Barcelona/Buhang, Bulabog Christian Church, and Emmaus Christian Church/Penafrancia/Pamurayan/Capuy/Basud.  It was a real blessing to receive OCC boxes in back to back years, when usually you have to wait a few years in-between.  Like usual, Samaritan’s Purse also provided teacher training and discipleship literature to go with the boxes. The Good News of the Gospel is always shared with kids before the boxes are distributed.  And children and their families are encouraged towards further involvement/discipleship with the local church after receiving the boxes.  It’s a good vehicle for growing the churches and their influence.  See below for more pictures:
Ptr Gumer distributing OCC in Irosin,Candumaay,etc

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