Bulan and All-PAMI Worker Activities

Since Ptr Virgilio Fulo is both the senior pastor of Bulan Church and the overall PAMI field director, his reports include info and pictures from both arenas.  Since Ptr Vir is the main pastor certified to perform marriages, he is occasionally called on to conduct marriage ceremonies throughout the mission.  He also presides over monthly PAMI pastor/worker meetings, which include fellowship, discussion of business and plans, and distribution of allowances.  In the past, most of these monthly meetings were held at Emmaus Bible Institute, but lately they’ve been rotating between various PAMI church locations.  PAMI pastors also stay interconnected by doing a pulpit rotation one Sunday per quarter.  Below are links to two of Ptr Vir’s photo summary reports.
Bulan and All-PAMI Workers Activities of Early May 2017
Bulan Church and All-PAMI Workers Activities May-Aug2017
Sept. 10 Film showing in Zone 2 Bulan conducted by Ptr Lorenzo:

More film showing pictures and other communications and pictures from Ptr Vir are found below.

Below are excerpts from a couple other communications from Ptr Vir.
Oct. 25, 2017 email from Ptr Vir:
Maybe we will have a special baptism first week of November because there are two candidates from Butag that they are ready to be baptize 2 months ago and we will pray for  more other member if it is more to add.

Pray for our October praise we are preparing for the event some YP are very busy for the practice. for song leading, tambourine, dancing poetry, drama. and we will have banners. We are expecting more than one thousand believers to join the parade will see that the christian arise this time while we are waiting for the coming of the Lord.
Will have a new Bible study in Zone 2, this is the fruit of film showing by Ptr.  Lorenzo there are 6 adults and 30 children attending.
Another new activities in Butag, the Values Instruction Class VIC has started at the middle of September. Ptr Felmar and other 3 teachers YP helping teaches twice a week from Elementary and High School Classes.

Nov. 4 and 11, 2017 emails from Ptr Vir:

Nov. 25, 2017 Report from Ptr Vir:
Hi Bro Mike,
Yes the nice room that you have seen and mentioned is from the second story of the building that was built gradually because of the budget. The budget is coming from the pledges of the member. We know that in the long run the church member is multiplying so that we may be able to accommodate more believers. We need church widening for the expansion of the church. Part of our vision eventually is to grow and multiply, not only in our spiritual but as well in number. The second story building has three rooms that will be for young people, high school, college and graduates. We cannot do it inside the church because it will be crowded and it’s too small, that’s why we added the second floor for Sunday school. Yes we will send pictures at the end of Nov. or in the first week of December.
*Note: Just want to specify that the second story is not the whole church building, just part of it at the front of the church only for the three rooms of Sunday School.

Sis. Catherine Report
Wonderful day to you Bro.Mike and to my sponsor. It’s always a pleasure to me to write to you. God use you as an instrument to help us here in the Philippines as workers of Christ for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Thanks you so much for all the support you’ve given, may God bring you back more blessings.
Ever since you were there for me, even the time when I was studying at EBI. I personally thank you for being so nice and good to me. I will never forget you ‘cause you given a chance to work here in PAMI.
I am engaged to Ptr. Mark Cabral who also graduated in EBI, and soon getting married this coming Dec.18, 2017. Ptr. Mark is from Casiguran. He handled the Church of CLUJM (Christian Looking Unto Jesus Ministry). After our wedding, I will go with him to continue the mission I started and I need your blessings to be with him. By the way you are cordially invited.
PAMI is always in my heart. I will pray for you more progress and more worker of Christ. We might be in different denomination but we are in one faith in God. God bless you always and thanks a lot.
Schedule of Activities:
Monday visitation: and Bible Study
Tuesday – 2 – 4pm – B.S. Leonora’s residence
Wednesday – Bernas Family BS 7-4pm
Thursday – Sis. Tessie Family BS
Friday – 3-4pm Evangelism
Saturday – Children’s Ministry
-Prayer request: Good health and Spiritual growth
April 17 – Musical workshop orientation in Drums, Guitar – Rhythm and bass , Organ , Song leading, Tambourine and Flag Dances and Bible Study Workshop.
April 18-28 – Musical Song leading and Bible Study Workshop.
May 7 – giving of certificate for all students of musical song leading and Bible Study Workshop.
May 8-12 – Interchurch sport fest conducted by BYCM retreat for upcoming concert, 2017
26 – Evangelistic mini concert  2017 with the theme “Experiencing God”
Sept. 30 – Pastors appreciation conducted by BYCM.
Oct. 27 – October Praise ( Bulan Christian Youth Movement)
Dec. 18, YP’s Christmas Caroling
New Young People:
Bernis Nigel Frivaldo
Exequil Morata
Juana Mae Gerero
Elna Bascual
Mark Gerald Guañizo
Hannah Mae Mohametano
Marian Cantoria
Bulan Christian Church Young People
New uniforms of tambourine dancers (paid for by the first paycheck of a Bulan young person that started working as an elementary school teacher in Bulan).  The Bulan Church is blessed to have 3-4 young people recently graduate college with education degrees, starting local teaching jobs, and being leaders of BCCYP on the side.
Youth gathering:

Regular Activities of Bulan Christian Church Young People

  • Outreach Evangelism – first Sunday afternoon of the month
  • Youth gathering every second Sunday of the Month.
  • Men’s and Women’s fellowship – 3rd Sunday ( alternate with indoor / outdoor)
  • Outdoor / Indoor cell group
  • General Cleaning every last Sunday
  • Discipleship Training occasionally

Calendar of activities for the year (not including the regular activities Jan. 30 – PAMI’s Annual Report
Feb.12 – YP 6th Anniversary Celebration with 52 attendees
26 – YP’s Monthly meeting

  • April 14 – Holy Week Celebration with Video presentation by YP with theme “forgiveness”

Our schedule of our mtg. in Castilla will be back on Nov.30, 2017 because Ptr. Reggie decided Nov. 30, 2017 because that is holiday. His wife can attend the meeting. We will be encash on Nov.29, 2017. Time of meeting 10am to 3pm . Thanks for your prayer for Melvin’s travel – safety and sound. Thank you and God bless .
Your partner in Christ,
Virgilio Fulo