Emmaus Bible Institute Updates

We praise God for two group baptisms that happened  on November 4 (during the break between 1st and 2nd semesters).  On that same day, 5 were baptized from the Bulan partition, and 19 were baptized from the Emmaus Bible Institute partition.  16 of the 19 were Compassion sponsored older kids, who have been deeply impacted by years of help and teaching, and decided to publicly acknowledge their commitment to follow Jesus.  It’s truly touching that some of the young people that have been served themselves are now actively serving others.  Several of these older Compassion kids are now assisting in worship services and outreaches (e.g. helping with outreach to kids in Sirangan, a poor neighborhood near the Sorsogon City market and jeepney station).
To see more news and pictures of the Nov. 4 baptism and other recent highlights of the EBI partition, please click on the following links.
This 11-18-17 pdf file includes photos of Nov. 4 baptism, Sirangan ministry, remembering Ptr Chito on Nov. 1, EBI facility improvements done in 2017, EBI students in various settings, and Compassion sponsored Padaba (well cared for) kids: EBIPhotos11-18-17B
This next 11-18-17 pdf file is a letter/report to accompany the above photo file.  It is composed by Sister Ofel Mendizabal, head of the EBI Partition of PAMI, and includes photos, bio info, and testimonies of various EBI students: EBI Report Letter Nov 2017
It was mentioned in the above report that the Bicol Center for Christian Leadership (BCCL) in Legaspi conducts Sorsogon City extension classes each Friday at EBI, for pastors to work towards Graduate Certification in Urban Ministries, GCUM. The November sessions were on Systematic Theology and were conducted by guest professor Bill Lambert, a retired pastor from Texas (see photo to right).  Here is a recent BCCL newsletter with EBI in one of the pictures (EBI is the Sorsogon City site): BCCL Nov2017 newsletter
To see a brochure that is being used to promote EBI:  EBI brochure
To see the EBI student schedule:  EBI class schedule 1st & 2nd sem 2017-2018B
More reports and pictures from earlier in the Fall or Spring/Summer are below:

10-21-17 Report/Letter from Sister Ofel Mendizabal covering EBI Activities for the Months of September and October 2017: EBI Report Letter October 2017B

Accompanying pictures to go with the above Report/Letter:  EBI Photos Sept-Oct 2017
9-7-17 Report and pictures from Sister Ofel Mendizabal:  EBI Activities and Updates Aug-Sept2017
9-7-17 Pictures of Sirangan children’s ministry:  Sirangan MinistryB
Here are more pictures from Sirangan, where people from EBI are allowed use of a preschool building to conduct outreach to neighborhood children.  It’s wonderful to see older Compassion Padaba children from EBI/ECF helping to teach these Sirangan children.


The 4th Youth Gathering was held on May 6, 2017 with 64 youth attendees and theme “For the KING.”

EBI people teach Values Instruction Class weekly in Basud Elementary School to 5th graders. (They also do this in public schools in Guinlajon and Pamurayan.)
Basud students were also recipients of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.

After receiving OCC gift boxes and doing follow-up discipleship, a graduation ceremony was held to present certificates and color illustrated New Testaments from Samaritan’s Purse.

5-29-17 report from Sis Ofel:  Ofel Report Letter March-May 2017B