Fabrica Church Hoping to Build on Newly Purchased Lot

This is the current rental of the Fabrica Church.

Fabrica Church recently bought a lot approximately a football field length away from the place they’ve been renting for many years.  Fabrica is one of 63 barangays of the municipality of Bulan, on the west side of Sorsogon Province.  Fabrica lies along the main highway as you approach Bulan town proper from the east.  Fabrica Church is the oldest daughter church of the Bulan Church.  Fabrica Church will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in January.  It was founded by and is led by Pastor Joel Homo, a long-standing elder of the Bulan Church.  Pastor Joel is a part-time pastor and part-time photographer.  The Homo family were the first converts of Rev. Norval and Ardelle Thorud when they started work with PAMI in Bulan 35 years ago.
The Fabrica Church has wanted to acquire a lot and to build their own church building for a long time.  They’ve been searching for a lot with a good location and good price for many years.  Several years ago, we came close to buying a lot in Fabrica, but there was a problem with the title, and the deal fell through.  Thankfully, this time it worked out.  The Fabrica and Bulan Church members have covered the 120,000 peso = $2400 cost of the lot themselves.  But they would like help with construction costs, which could be $4000.  If funds become available, they hope to start building early next year.
Click on the following link for more info:  Fabrica Lot and Bulan Church Improvement Report 11-30-17
This is a 11-30-17 report from Ptr Virgilio Fulo, the senior pastor of Bulan Church.  It addresses the Fabrica lot, and also mentions a couple improvements to the Bulan Church that were recently completed with the tithes and offerings of their own members.  Note that the stairway railing shown in one of the photos goes up to the new second story Sunday school classrooms mentioned and pictured in a 11-25-17 report that was towards the bottom of the previous PAMI Post article on the Bulan Church.  It is great that the local church covers a lot of their own facility improvements.