New Kids Ministry in Sirangan (a poor area near Sorsogon market)

The grace of God in Christ Jesus!
Last April 02, 2010 (Good Friday), Sis Marietta Calolot (former Marietta Rosin; EBI batch 1 *) visited us at EBI and shared us about opening a ministry/missionwork.
Relatives of her husband (Raffy) which happened to be christians in Metro Manila were looking for christian workers to start mission at their place in Sirangan, Sorsogon City. Sis Carol Escalora (former Carol Calolot) formerly lived at Sirangan (Barangay Sirangan is the market site of the Sorsogon City – with about 20 thousand or more people, considered one of the depressed barangays with people living in slum or shanty houses. Year 1987, this barangay was devasted by flashflood that 1000 people mostly children died).

It’s a burden of Sis Carol to help her own people into the knowledge and salvation in Christ. Especially, that she and husband were blessed by God not just spiritually but also economically.
She already made an arrangement with local officials to let the barangay hall and daycare center building be used every Saturday for children’s meeting and adults Bible study. She also gave budget to an aunt (who lives there) to prepare nice snacks for children and us (workers) plus transportation budget.
She told barangay officers too (mostly Carol’s relatives) too prepare the place, the children and people.
Last April 10, we did start the first meeting and about 70 children joined. Since it was more of “orientation”, we were not able to start adult Bible study because of time.
Good that we have materials from the Operation Blessings to use perfectly in that place. We brought sound equipments with us to teach songs and it was fun and really nice. We’re planning to show the Jesus Film in one of the meetings.

*Marietta Rosin was former classmate of Sis Ofelia at EBI 1984-1988. When she got married, she and husband (Raffy Calolot) lived at Laguna, where Raffy worked as a automotive mechanics. They’re blessed with 2 kids. But Mayet (as we call her), became cold in her faith because of being inactive with christian service as she devoted her time to family and a job. Despite the nice economic life however, they were not happy because of constant quarelling. The family decided to return to Sorsogon to start a new life or making things in order. As we met Mayet again, we encouraged her to return to her ministry work. At first, she struggled because it was about 15 years that she stopped teaching children and doing Bible study. But when we visited Sis Luz Ortega, we found out that she’s looking for a children’s teacher in her church. And Mayet could not resist any longer, as she believed that God is calling her again to His field. And she’s back again to singing, leading and teaching children.

By the way, Lorenzo and Isomel are with us here at EBI. They’re helping with works here like attending to children and Bible study. Lorenzo will be helping Ptr Virgil in Bulusan and coordinates with pastors and churches for the end to end program. and Isomel is to start a church in Calbayog.
I am planning end of May to visit Samal Island (Mindanao). There are 3 young people want to study at EBI this coming June.
Tomorrow and the following 2 days will be seminar by Compassion International about Child Protection Policy, this will be held at Mayon Hotel, Sto Domingo Albay.
And next week is a 3-days youth camp at EBI.
Thank you all for always praying for us.
Love in Christ,
Ptr Chito Mendizabal
11 April 2010

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