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Greetings in God’s grace! Praise God that His grace indeed abounds. In the midst of El Nino Phenomenon in the Philippines; we still have fair weather here in our province, especially in Sorsogon. Many farmers have been blessed with increased harvest of rice and other crops. Thanks too for your prayers.

On April 19-21, we’ve been invited by Compassion InternationalPhils. to draft Child Protection Policy which will be implemented at respective church or child development center. This is follow-up of the training seminar that was held October 20-22, 2009 CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS Workshopwhich had the following topics:
1. Understanding God’s heart for Children
2. Situation of Children in the Philippines
3. Recognizing and Understanding Child Abuse
4. Legal Policy Framework on Child Abuse
5. Role of DSWD in Child Abuse and How to Link with It, and
6. Role of the Church in Preventing and Dealing with Child Abuse
The writeshop that we did includes: The Biblical and Philosophical Foundations of Child Protection Policy; Policy Statement and Objectives; Definition of Terms Related to Child Abuse; Advocacy and Awarenessraising; Education and Training; Behavior Protocols; Reporting and Referral Guidelines/Protocols; Management of Child Abuse Allegations; Monitoring and Evaluating the CPP; Implementing the CPP/Action Planning; and Obstacles in Implementing the CPP.
The training/writeshop is hard (as almost everyone says: “nosebleed”) because of outputs that we have to submit every after topics. But hardwork pays off as we’re able to develop policies which are suited to the our own context or own church/center environment, safeguarding the well-being of children.
While Espie and I were at Albay for the CPP, Youth Bible Camp was going on too at Emmauscompound. This is joint program with Southern Baptist Church. About 25 young people attended in this 3 days Bible camp. The theme JESUS, MY BESTFRIEND (John 15:13). Topics include: How to study the Bible; How to haveQuiet Time; Good Stewardship; Wordless Book; Personality Development; other acivity includes: Film showing; work program; craft activity; t-shirt printing; Banquet Night; Talent Night; Testimony and awarding.
Thanks that we have lot of workers available like: Arman James, Ptr Norly, Sis Ofel, Sis Mariz, Thelma, Lorenzo, Isomel, Edward and Jessie.
I was able to handle morning devotion and the Final Challenge, April 22nd. It was nice and fun. As we are praying and preparing for a big Youth Camp next year for all PAMI churches. In the month of May, we might as well form a committee such as: Budget/Logistics, Sports, Teaching, Food, Venue… please include this in your prayers.

Nicolle Mendizabal

Shelly Pauline Mendizabal

April 23rd was Irosin water baptism and church outing. It was held at Dancalan Beach Bulusan. We spotted a nicer place near Dancalan beach: nicer because it has no entrance fee for every person and more private with nice ambience of shades from coconut trees. The owner just charged us P500 for the place including the use of electricity. The weather was very nice too. We had short program of praise and worship. I spoke on the significance of water baptism and before we go to the sea for baptism, there were 2 children that we dedicated to the Lord. Twelve new believers were baptized from irosin PAMI church; and two from Ptr Randy’s (Gracelyn and Aira-the Riveras were at Irosin too this week for Youth Camp sponsored by Matnog interchurch and Ptr Randy was one of the speakers). So, 14 were baptized in all. Pastor Pio with daughters Faith and Hope were there too. We (PAMI mission) shared with Transportation expense for Irosin Baptism.
Going towards core contact hours with children which is about 6 hours per week. The former 3 hours every Saturday (8AM -11AM) is now extended to 2PM. Activity like having lunch at EBI, siesta after and another class hour in the afternoon are things that children need to adjust; and the parents/guardians as well. Full schedules of children (6-hour core contact time) will start July 2010.
We’re on 3rd Sunday ministering with children at Sorsogon city’s urban poor area. If our children at EBI behave more nicely and the teachers appreciate order and harmony; the scenario at BGY SIRANGAN was different. A degree of patience and tact is much needed. About a 100 of them too (and still increasing) are very used to shouting, bullying, so unruly. But praise God, God is changing them, touching them. It’s so touching to see these children, praising God and learning God’s love through His Word. Many recite verses from the Bible. And we’re now able to hear our own voices because at first you can’t speak well because of their loud shouting and noise.

New ministry to kids in Sirangan, held in a daycare center building

The new ministry in Sirangan includes feeding

Every Saturday at Barangay Sirangan is a VBS program already. But we schedule of Daily VBS 1st week of May at Emmaus Church. Other PAMI churches are having schedule of VBS too in May like Irosin, Casiguran, Barcelona, Bulusan and Allen.

Yes, I will invite PAMI pastors in the E2E training on May 8. Pastors Randy, Pio, Abner, Gumer, Virgilio, Virgil, Lorenzo, Isomel.. so that everyone’s familiar and oriented with purpose, objective, reports and technical of E2E.
I personally like the idea because Mitch is our very own church member. She has burden for her own people in Bulan especially to bring her family to the Lord. She’s very good too in handling children. And Bulan to partially support her is good.
Lordilyn has lot of talents in the ministry, esp in music and children. But there would be so many workers which would be coming/joining this year like Lorenzo and Isomel.
A suggestion that applicants (actually there are many of them) if they like to work as volunteer while they are praying for God’s opening for them in ministry. Could be facilitated to work with PAMI (food budget and love gift) be provided. A time that they could use their talent and gifts to service. PAMI could absorbed them eventually if budget/timing permits; or we could recommend them to partner missions if there are openings.
God continue to touch and heal Sis Emily. How brothers and sisters there help in so many ways for Bro Nate and Sis Emily is very edifying. God is rich in love and mercy and He’s able to do great and mighty things.
Thank you very much too for all your love, care, concern, prayer for all of us here. God abundantly bless us all!
Your brother in the Lord,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal
26 April 2010

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