Sponsoring Sister Michelle to Pioneer in San Juan, Bulan

Sister Michelle Liclican graduated from EBI in March 2010 and desires to plant a daughter church of Bulan Church in her own neighborhood.  The Bulan Church is willing to cover half her allowance if someone from the U.S. is willing to cover the other half.  Please consider being her sponsor.
From Virgilio Fulo, pastor of Bulan Church:  One of the graduated students sis. Michelle Liclican joined the prayer of the pastors and elders in our Sunday service we discuss about her plan and desire to work under Bulan Church to do a pioneering ministry in san Juan her own place. We agreed and decided that half of allowance will be cover by the church through the offerings and pledges of the church we are praying for another supporter to cover of sis. Michelle allowance what do you think bro. Mike. Thanks.

Sent from Mike to Ptr Virgilio Fulo: I like that Bulan church is willing to cover half allowance of Sis Michelle to pioneer in San Juan.  I’ll ask if anyone is willing to cover other half,which I suppose is about $35 per mo.
 Ptr Vir:  Yes the church is uery much willing because I challenge them to support Michelle.  At this time Michele is helping doing sunday school for young people and other actiuities of the church.  Ptr. Jun has a land in san juan he offers his for a chapel if michelle can organize and establish faithful members.
Comment from Ptr Chito:
MITCH TO WORK WITH BULAN PAMI. I personally like the idea because Mitch is our very own church member. She has burden for her own people in Bulan especially to bring her family to the Lord. She’s very good too in handling children. And Bulan to partially support her is good.

From Michelle:
My Vision
       Praise God in the Highest, for the goodness and greatness of God for this opportunity. He has given me to share His words in my own place here in Brgy. Abad Santos Bulan, Sorsogon. I have a vision that someday this Brgy. will become true believers of Christ. Through using me By God, I am willing to share his words to the unreached people, and I would like to start through teaching children and young people, for there a lot of children here in our place.
        To be God be all the Glory!!
My Testimony
Praise God in the highest for all the goodness and grace of God.
         I am Michelle Liclican from Abad Santos Bulan, Sorsogon. We are five siblings in the family, three girls and two boys and I am the eldest of them. My parents are separated to one another and we grow up from our grand parents both side of them. My family was baptize in Born Again Christian at Naguillan La Union. I am only 6 yrs. old when my mother left us and go back here in Bicol with my two sisters and my brother also in my father and lola(grandmother) that time I don’t know that they separated to one another and one thing more is that they forget their Christian life. But me and my lola continued attending the Sunday Service and the things I remembered is that my Sunday School teacher remind us always to pray and praising God always, so that me and my lola composed the song “Jesus I love You” until I live in La Union for three yrs. until I finished my elementary school and suddenly my mother came back for unexpected time, it’s hard for me to leave my lola but I still decided to be in my mother and we go back here in Bicol were it is the hometown of my mother, and I have found that this place is devoted in Catholic and no one is a Christian, and I prayed that someday I could be in chapel again and listen to the message Of God and its been a long time to wait for that moment until I met my Filipino subject teacher named Terressa Gloriane, She’s been a good teacher of me, until one time, she invited me to attend to there church, and so on. I often attend to their church which is in PAMI and I met Ptr. Vir and Sis. Letty Fulo and other members too. Praise God that I found my life again which is in the Name of Jesus and before my graduation in my secondary school, I prayed again “Lord, where I am going, it’s hard to work while I am studying during my high school”, and God heard that, until I met Lola Lucing, a friend of Ptr. Vir and Ate Letty and invited me to study in Emmaus Bible School. Not knowing, that it is a training ground for the workers Of God and I don’t have any idea about this, until Ptr. Vir. interviewed me and tell me what’s life there have in Bible School. Well, whatsoever life there, its okay for me and I said, “Lord, You have a purpose why I had met this opportunity”, and then I grabbed it. Life in Bible School is not easy, you must be patient in all things, I encountered different circumstances which I learned so many things that really trained me. So that, even I went to other place, I can disciplined myself, it’s really hard because I encountered those hindrances just not to continued and be on my own. But By God’s grace, I had finished four yrs. studying, but I know it is not the end at all for I am just starting my journey and pilgrims in the ministry Of God.
       I know that life in ministry is not easy, for it is a hard work, you may give and spend the time, effort and whole heartedly in doing it, it is not to sacrifice your self to serve God for it is given for a Christian believer to work out the salvation, for Jesus is the One who sacrifice Himself for the human race and it is finished By Lord Jesus and we’re living now By His grace.
      Now if it’s Lord’s will, I want to become a PAMI worker here in PAMI Bulan Church headed by Ptr. Virgilio Fulo. I am willing the word Of God in my own Brgy. , here in Abad Santos, I know it is hard but nothing is impossible to God (Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me for I know He will not leave me nor forsake me for In God hands, we have always assurance and victory in the Name of our Lord God.

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