Another EBI Grad Would Like to Join PAMI

Sister Lordylyn is a native of Samar who’d like to help plant churches in Samar.  She is currently staying with Riveras in Allen, Samar and helping with the ministry there as a volunteer, as she waits for someone to possibly sponsor her to start a work of her own.  Here is her April 12th letter requesting to be part of PAMI, as well as some recommendations and pictures:
Dear Brother Mike,
I am Lordylyn D. Querobines, 20 yrs.old, born in Lavezares Northern Samar, graduated from EMMAUS BIBLE INSTITUTE this year 2010, and I came from the church of JESUS THE LIVING STONE.  My auntie is the one who help and encourage me to study in the Bible school, and I thank God that He used my auntie, to make my life near to God, and knowing more about His word.  Even though when the time that I decide to study in the BIBLE SCHOOL, my parents did not agree, but now they are willing to support me, and I really really thank God for that.  Now I desire to apply to PAMI, because I want to help Ptr. Randy to share the Gospel here in SAMAR.  I’m willing to be a part of  PAMI.  I want to apply to PAMI because  I want my life to be a part of  God’s ministerial work.  God has given me a gift of song leading, and I also pray a drum and tambourine.  GLORY TO GOD for all these gifts that He gave me.
Dear Brother Mike,
Greetings in Christ Most Precious Name!
I am respectfully endorsing my niece LORDYLYN QUEROBINES to work in PAMI mission, the God chosen incorporated working for the glory of God.
I am her senior Pastor at the same time guardian who encourage undergo training at EBI, through the help and close coordination with pastor Randy Rivera.
Lordy now is a fresh graduated at EBI last March 23, 2010 and she have heart and desire to work in the Lord’s Vineyard through PAMI mission, I am endorsing her  because aside from training that she acquired in your school we haven’t particular assignment and place or church to let her work at Jesus Christ the Living Stone the church where I am the Pastor overseer thinking that she’s  one to use her training anywhere as the Lord’s leads her. She prayed to work at PAMI. EBI is really a Blessing in Samar and I’m counting PAMI AS OUR PARTNER in the Lord, Thank you brother Mike and hoping for your favorable action on this regard.
In Christ Service,
Pastor Merlyn Q. Medala

Dear Brother Mike,

Greetings from Samar.
One of our new graduates at EBI has a desire to join PAMI-SAMAR.  Her Name is LORDILYN D. QUEROBINES.  Last 2007 I brought her to EBI.  When I make a conversation with her pastor, she released Lordilyn to join PAMI.  If you accept Lordilyn she is willing to assign any place here in Samar, like Rosario town in future time.
Lordilyn have a lot of talent and can cope for the ministry and mission.  Maybe she could start here in Allen, or in San Isidro together with Raquel, before she goes to some other town in Samar, like Rosario, Victoria, San Antonio etc. 
Thank you for your prayer for us.  God bless you always.
 Pastor Randy & Family

Ptr Chito says:
” Lordilyn has lot of talents in the ministry, especially in music and children.  A suggestion is that applicants (actually there are many of them) could work as volunteer while they are praying for God’s opening for them in ministry. Maybe they could be facilitated to work with PAMI by providing only food and love gift for the time being. This could be a time that they could use their talent and gifts to service. Maybe PAMI could absorb them eventually if budget/timing permits; or we could recommend them to partner missions if there are openings.”

Lordy leading an outreach

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