VBS Children's Testimonies

We just have finished the VBS (The Incredible Race) today. About 75 children completed the lessons. Many Parents attended the closing program.
Here are some of Children’s Testimony:

Thank you very much for inviting me to join VBS 2010. I’m so happy that I perfectly understand your lessons and I won’t forget how you care for us. I will continue with learnig more about the Word of God. I pray that you would reach many more children for the Lord (MARCO , 15 yrs old).
I Thank God that in short meetings I learned many things about Jesus and also memorizing Bible verses. Not only memorizing them but the meaning of the verses as well. I learned too about obeying with all heart because sometimes I complain especially when I’m doing things and they are telling me to do something else. Now, I know that we should obey our parents as if we’re serving God. I learned too to trust God because though we’re poor, I believe God will support my family… (RUTH , 12 yrs old)
I am Paul J., I thank the Lord that I joined VBS 2010. I learned how to pray, to be humble and make friends.
I am Dan J., I learned many things at Emmaus Christian Church like to obey parents with all hearts. I’m happy having more christian friends. I thank the staff of Emmaus for letting me join VBS 2010. I learned to have fear of the Lord, obey with sincere and happy heart. Obeying reluctantly and partially is not good.

Praise God for touching more and more children for His kingdom. And parents too.
While we are having the VBS closing program.
Thank you very much for your prayer and love for all of us here. God returns all your kindness in His time.
Love you all in the Lord,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal

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