T-Shirts, Meals, and New Students

The richest grace of God in Christ Jesus! Praise God, your box arrived too in good condition. T-shirts from Sis Chris are very nice. That would be very timely for youth summer activities. As of now, we have youth workshops for music and discipleship every Saturday. That is teaching how to play church instruments and how to lead songs. James and Kevin are the facilitators. Ofel is sorting out items for churches: T-shirts, FMSC meals, some books and others. We’ll give them, this May 28th during the giving of allowances. Yeah, two boxes of FMSC meals from Bro Jim Wenzel too. Probably, we could initially give each churches 20 bags of fmsc.
Film Showings
Some churches already made schedules with us in the film showing.  Lorenzo is already here at EBI now, and we’re discussing things about E2E program. There are things to consider like travel expense which would be probably assumed by the requesting church. And he has to master this equipment/projector.
By the way, I’m so excited when I have your driver/installer Window 7. This is because, I and Mario Gacis really had a hard time installing the printer/scanner to laptop. The compatible program for the printer is XP or windows2000. Laptop (COMPAQ) could only be programmed by VISTA. So when I received your Window 7 installer/driver, I tried immediately. But even in this Windows7, printer/scanner isn’t compatible too. But I would still try at local shop if they could put XP program into the laptop. I wish, this would be fixed. There are lot of lesson materials/syllabus that I have to print.
New EBI Enrollees
As of today, There are already 15 enrollees, to include 2 from Samal island, 17 new students. That 2 applicants/new students from Samal Island Davao City are native of Samal Tribe. Probably, we would even help them for travel expense from their place to EBI. When I texted them or their worker (Brother Ruel), he said, that it’s about P2500 pesos each. I suggest too that they be included too as EBI scholar like Abner for their personal needs like soap, toothpastle school supplies or photocopy of lessons. When they arrive here, I will make endorsement, background of them to consider supporting.
VBS in Sirangan
We’re having VBS at Barangay Sirangan. James and Kevin are strengthening Young people here. Paul Jethro is enjoying the “Translations”, it’s about the letters of compassions kids, written in Tagalog and Paul or Elmer should translate them to English. And if we receive letters from sponsors which are written in English, it should be translated too to Tagalog so that the kids would inderstand them so well. Paul Jethro is the bookkeeper of compassion, but he helps too in the translations because that would be too much for Elmer because he has many others to do like home-visit and marketing for compassion needs.
Ofel is enjoying our outreach in Bgy Sirangan. Ate carol and husband Danny (benefactor of Bgy Sirangan Outreach) would buy school supplies for kids.
I’m sending you jpgs of graduation.
God bless us all abundantly!
Love in Christ,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal
21 May 2010

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