Updates, Praises, and Prayer Requests

The richest grace of God in Christ Jesus!
I [have had] some problems with regards to the laptop program. Prior to receiving your Windows 7, I tried hard enough for the printer/scanner to connect to the laptop because I’m preparing the lessons/hardcopy for students use. Besides that I have to submit some documents to compassion office in pdf/scanned for faster transactions. But as if that compaq only receives windows vista; not the lower windows (1998, 2000, 2003 or XP) as those are compatibles with our printers/scanners here. So, when I received your package/box, I was so excited to the possibility that Windows7 is the solution. I immediately downloaded Windows7, disregarding the warning of saving important program first for back up. Good that I did some in USB flashdrive, because other programs were lost when I upgraded windows vista to windows7, including the internet configurations. Anyway, Brother Mario (Gacis), installed me Linnux which I’m using now.

I still have to look for a technician possibly tomorrow (it should be today, but people keep on coming and some counseling too via phone). One pastor (Ptr Jay Madrilejos), a pastor for almost 15 years wants to enroll at EBI as fulltime/stay-in students. We discuss things considering his experiences as pastor (churchplant already 2 churches, FOURSQUARE church) as well as other trainings and seminar/credentials that would somehow be credited.

James is working with his passport now. But his schedule of going to Mongolia is moved to October. The 50% of the budget which he would raised ($800) is still on the process. As PAMI has $400 for him, others are in pledges yet. He has to prepare his passport but ACM will work for his visa. Please include James in your prayer.
About building for kids, yes we’ll surely build one as it is very needed. Especially that one classroom has occupied already as compassion office. Their things are getting bigger and bigger: they now have computer set, filing tables and cabinets, 101 chairs,13 tables, 3 blackboards, cooking equipments, and many others. Core contact time for children increased too from its former 8AM to 11AM, now 8AM to 2PM. So, we’re now serving lunch for children. But preparing foods are assigned to parents.
At this time, however, we’re on fixing the ceiling of the church first.  …  It’s good too for EBI church to have ceiling because of much heat during summer and during rainy days too much noise as I’m really distracted with the rain banging the roof.
After this, we’ll start the kids building. Even, when EBI classes start already, good that students could help too. I’m thinking to have a work-week as it is part of their scholarship (without having tuition, free food and lodging) program.
Since, Isomel and Lorenzo will be starting with their allowance end of month (though we already giving them small allowance during their stay here at EBI), we’ll continue working out their works. With Ptr Randy, with regards to Isomel’s work in Calbayog. Or Ptr Randy and isomel to see Ptr Montes and other pastors to confer with for a more friendly missionwork and collaboration with Calbayog pastors and ministries.
I could see that Isomel has a good heart for mission, especially that he’s so patient in dealing with young people and adults. He usually helps in teaching parents of compassion every saturday here, in the meantime.
While Lorenzo helps temporarily here at EBI as guitarist, followup of outreaches, especially helping Ptr Norly with churchplanting in Bgy Capuy. We’ll discuss/figure out his working with Pastor Virgil in Bulusan and the E2E program. Most of the schedules are from Castilla churches.
Praise God for:

  • bags of FMSC meals which will be a very good opportunity to bless very poor children.
  • T-shirts from Sis Chris, which some are already given to 20 young people here last Saturday, May 22, during their youth gathering and music workshops. and end of May will share too to other pastors for their youths too.
  • CDs and DVDs of EFC seminary; which could be use in many EBI subjects here like Pneumatology, Church admi, John, Bible Background,Evangelism and a lot more.
  • for the E2E training last May 8th, happy working/training together, and receiving Proclaimers in Bicol. Part of the workshop is to demo a Bible Listening Group, they requested my AudioBible part, so we tried Luke 4. We’re able to be nice host too to Bro Jim Gleason and Raymond, meeting them at airport, reserving a nice hotel for them, order foods, taking them from hotel to EBI, a special Sunday worship with them at the hotel and sending them to bus terminal bound to Legazpi airport.
  • Continued children ministry at Bgy Sirangan (Sorsogon Public market) which has about a 100 children too; but sponsored by a christian benefactors (ate carol and husband Danny) through feeding program, giving of school supplies for kids, preparing snacks too for us and instructing barangay officials to gather the children and maintaining peace and order. Because the place is like squatters, with people drinking wine, playing cards, fighting and making troubles. Please pray that God’s power and love touch mightily the people. At first, we can’t even hear our voice when we start teaching children, they’re shouting, running, jumping, tugging us, fighting even in front of us, so unruly, very different from the children that we’re ministering. But praise God, God starts to soften their hearts, becoming more responsive to the Word of God. Becoming behave and learning fast Bible verses and Gospel songs and Bible stories. and they’re always excited to see us.
  • For gracious support for our children as PAMI scholars (Melvin, Paul Jethro, Jordan, Kevin and Alvin)
  • received VBS materials from Operation Blessings and able to minister to 70 plus children
  • EBI to host a kids Bible camp

Thank you for helping us to pray for:

  • God’s mighty power to use E2E for people to get saved for God’s glory
  • EBI school opening
  • students from Samal island Davao city
  • Building for kids and more budget to finish
  • James to Mongolia and preparation
  • Compassion for full operation starting July (as we’re on start-up til June), staff and teachers, making policies and curriculum
  • Raquel’s work at San Isidro (protection )
  • Isomel to start Calbayog city
  • Lorenzo’s able to efficiently handle e2e with ptr virgil
  • Growth of all PAMI churches
  • Wisdom for all workers and pastors
  • Big Youth Camp next (April or May 2011) year for all PAMI youths
  • able to extend EBI modular training to pastors who haven’t have any formal Bible schooling
  • God to bless all who are supporting PAMI mission in a small or big ways

God continue to fill your hearts with love, fullfillment, thrill and excitement waiting and serving Him!
Love you all in Christ,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal
24 May 2010

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