Enjoying the Gift of T-Shirts

The love of God! This time we’re fixing the ceiling of the church. Hopefully, we’ll finish this for 7 days, so that we could start the kids building. Isomel is at Calbayog already. He may have need amount too for house rent there. I may give Icy (sister) P1000 pesos for food as volunteer to help Isomel. Lorenzo is still with EBI for some schedule of film showing (Castilla first this week).
Ptr Randy said that many enrollees from Lavesarez would be coming to EBI.
I attach some pictures of our young people here that received shirts (fromSis Chris’) during Saturday’s Youth Practice and Gathering. I give shirts too to PAMI churches. We appreciate much Sis Chris and others for the T-shirts.

By the way, I love the Newsletter highlighting the grace of God for the privilege of serving Him. God is good!
God continue to shower you all with His love, peace, mercy and grace!
Love in Christ,
Pastor Chito Mendizabal
31 May 2010

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