Ptr Redgie & Aireen get married

Pastor Chito sent an email saying “six of us (Ofel, Espie, Ptr Norly, James, Ptr Pio and I) will be going to Castilla to be with Pastor Redgie and Aireen for their civil wedding. Their marriage license was just released two days ago and now is the wedding by a judge.” Getting married by a judge was sort of a compromise between having a Protestant Christian ceremony versus a Catholic ceremony (which Aireen’s family wanted in October).

Then Ptr Chito wrote: “Ptr Redgie and Airen’s civil wedding went well. The judge said that it was one of a kind for so big entourage for a civil wedding. About 60 persons attended the wedding, to which the room could only accommodate 15 to 20 persons. So many had to stay outside the courtroom. Reception is nice place too.”

Ptr Redgie & Aireen with judge



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