New Water Source at EBI

Praise God that things are getting back to normal. No more rushing to the river as early as 4 AM. Now that we already have water connection fromcity water supply. Though the supply is not that big. In fact, in our application, they let the applicant sign a waiver that  says “no 24 hours supply of water.” In our seminar, they told us that 3 springs (sources) had dried too. Their water supply comes from 7 pumping stations (drilled 100 meters deep). So, they regulated the supply of water, as I look at it, supply is made from 4AM until 4PM. So we have to fill all containers to be sure that we have enough water during the cut.

So far, everyone’s adjusting… in fact very much thankful.
Praise God that we had two strong rain the night of July 4 & 5. We’re all excited to try the water pump, but needs more heavy rain so that water level goes high.
We’re able to move with our kids’ building construction better now that we have water (especially needed for mixing cement/sand/gravel).
Thank you all for your continued prayer.
Jesus Film Showings
Lorenzo with other PAMI people able to show Jesus Film in 5 areas already. Now, we scheduled everyone (members and students) for a small or cell groups.
Our PADABA (well-favored) children of Compassion International is getting stronger especially that we’ll be at fiscal year implementation. Core contact for children is now 6 hours every saturday from 8AM to 5PM. This is a strong witness to the community because they’ve been helped in so many ways – physical, spiritual, economic and cognitive. The parents too are growing in their relationship with God. Last Saturday, they all received raincoats, uniform, school supplies and bag.

Home Bible Studies
Isomel and Icy and an intern student (Dwight) are opening many Home Bible studies already at Calbayog city. Isomel and Icy have same dialect with people in Calbayog that’s why it’s easier for them to establish friendship with people.
God bless your birthday Brother Mike (July 8th)! God continue to touch you with all His grace, blessings, wisdom and so great love; your family as well.
We’re always praying too here that God continue to uphold PAMI mission, more abundant blessings that we may continue to go and make disciple of all nations.
Our prayer that everyone would be happy serving the Lord as we wait for His return.
Love you all in the Lord Jesus,
Pastor Chito

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