Sirangan Outreach

Written by Ptr. Chito Mendizabal
Sometimes, our schedule isn’t as smooth as we’d like. Sirangan outreach schedule of Christmas program was Sunday, December 19th in the afternoon, immediately following the Emmaus Christmas program in the morning. Sponsors (children’s feeding, our transpo, now christmas gifts) arrived from Manila. They prepared food and gifts for the children and adults Bible study. Beforehand, names of children and adults who attended Saturdays Bible study were asked and been sent to Manila. Gifts then were very personalized, names were on each gift. This might be good in a place like Sirangan where some people tend to be “clever.” Interested only to receive gifts and not in Bible study.
When we started children’s ministry here in April 2010, children were very unruly. They were shouting and fighting in front of us. At the end of every Saturday Bible study, it’s very common that we had no voice and seemed temporarily deaf. Probably because you have to raise your voice in order to be heard.
But praise God, for the gift of patience, and for His grace, His Words will never return to Him in void. Many children were brought to the Lordship of Christ. Many of them have touching testimonies of answered prayer like healing of ailing parents, or a father who found a nice job, or a long lost sister who returned home. It’s amazing that in a very noisy surroundings, they could easily grasp Bible lessons, learn many songs and memorize a lot of Bible verses.
And most, parents were gathered too for Bible study; and a lot more young people (highschoolers) towards the end of December showed interest of joining Bible study. So, we’ll have a separate group for young people.
Barangay officials are very active too in assisting in our Bible study and feeding. During Christmas program, Barangay chairman was there and appreciated the work, not only teaching and feeding the children but good things that are happening in the lives of his constituents.
Please continue to pray for Sirangan Outreach. Lord’s willing, within this year, people would form a local church.

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