Sorsogon City Pastors’ Fellowship

By Ptr. Chito Mendizabal
For quite a long time, pastors and Christian workers in Sorsogon City were divided by invisible walls of indifference, probably because of frictions in the past – some say connected with “elections.” Some pastors were very active (even endorsing a presidential candidate); others were maintaining a non-partisan; still other pastors filed for candidacy for a particular position. Many others doubt that city pastors would be reunited again.
On November 30th 2010, however, about 50 pastors in the city responded to our invitations (initiated by Provincial Council of pastors) to a meeting. Election of officers was one item on the agenda. The thrust is more of building up one another as partners in God’s mission.
The eve of December 27th was our Christmas party and program. We had a very good venue for free offered by Bro. John and Sis. Nilda Cochraine. John is from New Zealand and wife Nilda is a Filipina. He and his wife started a Christian orphanage (Oasis Orphanage) west of the city. Now, they have 7 orphans for a start and still building more rooms to accommodate 100 children.
Pastors’ fellowship went very well; sharing of experiences in the ministry. Indeed, it was so refreshing and edifying. Ofel and I attended with our two girls (Nicole and Pauline) who enjoyed too playing with children in the orphanage. Delicious food too brought by everyone (as it was potluck).

We are really praying for God’s mighty touch for our people; and that it must start with God’s family.

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