Thank You Very Very Much!
By Ptr. Chito Mendizabal, January 2, 2011
We want to convey our deep appreciation for all the kindness and gifts that we received from you. In Tagalog, we say “Maraming Salamat po!” “Marami” means a lot or many; “Salamat” means thanks” and the expression “po” suggest respect.
What you have sent us means a lot to us. Primarily, it boosts our spirit, to know that a lot of people care for us. This edifies and encourages.
Furthermore, the amount that you’ve sent as a gift helps workers here in a great deal.

Lorenzo Fugen (one in charge of the film showing of E2E) just shared his testimony that he’s able to redeem their lot in his barangay worth (P6,000) which was in mortgage for more than a year due to his father’s hospitalization.
A nice “noche buena” for those struggling, such as Nanay Lourdes, Sis Helen, Tatay Pedro and Bro Rolly.
PAMI workers who also shared gifts and goodies to their families back home. Pastor Chito & Sis Ofel who’s able to send their son Kevin to Cavite City for SOLAS.
On January 1st 2011, we (Chito, Ofel, Nicole & Pauline) went to Castilla PAMI Church for a child dedication. We’re able to share goodies that you’ve sent to children, even to some parents.
And this coming Saturday, we’ll be going to Bulusan and Barcelona…then other places of PAMI.
Isn’t this wonderful that giving of gifts is extended…even after Christmas is over… God’s grace is more than sufficient.
Again, MARAMING SALAMAT PO! For being always there as our partners in God’s mission.

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