Bulusan Ministry Update

From: Ptr. Virgil Gacis, January 4, 2011
Dear Brother Mike and PAMI Board,
God is great, Praise Him! We appreciate God’s goodness in serving here in Bulusan church.Through the help of God, there are many people who come to Him whose eyes were opened by power of His Word. Though we experienced various trials here, the church is continuing to grow, not only  in the knowledge and grace but also in numbers. There were six who accepted the Lord and were baptized last October 10, 2010. God continues to help new believers in their faith, we pray. Low points here were the struggles of people on daily basis finding basic needs of life. Our climate tends to be extreme. One which is so dry, and now we’re flooded. This isn’t favorable for a farmer or fisherman in our place. But the Lord is gracious.

Ptr. Virgil Gacis with Pauline Mendizabal

Our church’s goal for 2011 is to have another 15 new baptized believers, and more members to help in evangelism and discipleship and other needs of the church.
My prayer requests:

  • Realization of our church’s goals
  • God would give me a Life Partner in the ministry
  • Wisdom in the ministry
  • Good health

Thank you very much for all the gifts that you have sent me and for the church as well. God bless you all. And prayer for more blessed years!
Ptr Virgil Gacis & Bulusan PAMI

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