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Ptr. Gumer Gile has shared many wonderful things that are happening in Irosin PAMI church. First, the nice results of their EARLY MORNING PRAYER. Irosin started their daily early morning prayer last December 01, 2010 in their church. They decided to do it just for the whole month of December. But since it brings a lot of good results, they want it to continue. Among the testimonies given by those who attended:

“I have a problem with arthritis and walking or moving was so hard, but going to church early to pray brought healing to me” NV
“I become more closer to God; my faith is renewed” ES
“My spiritual life grows more stronger” BB

Early morning prayer starts 4 a.m., but some would come early as 3:30 a.m. Ptr Gumer said, that he and his wife are excited to hear members coming to church even that early. Even after the prayer meeting ends at about 5:30 a.m. Members still linger to share with one another; some of them brought pandesal (bread) or boiled banana/gabi/cassava for an early breakfast or snack.

On December 26, the Irosin church celebrated their anniversary, and Ptr. Chito came to speak.  Hey says that, “When I arrived at Ptr Gumer’s, some members were already there preparing for food; and some others were practicing songs. I slept at about 10pm with people in the kitchen cooking; and I woke up around 2am and they were still awake cooking; I slept again and woke up at 6am and they were in the kitchen yet.”

Moses Gile's dedication

But that is  one of the reasons why Irosin tends to be a stronger church. They have people who are very serious about helping the church, and sharing in the ministry.  They are pillars of the church.
The anniversary went just nice.  Not only was Ptr. Chito the speaker for the event, but they had the Lord’s supper too; and child dedication (of Ptr Gumer’s son Moses).

Ptr. Gumer is happy to share that about 7 people in the church give/pledge for his support (The PAMI Irosin church is beginning the Weaning process, where church members will begin covering part of the pastor’s allowance.  For this year, the church will be covering 20% of the pastor’s allowance)

Thank you for being always with us in prayers.




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Pastor Gumer Gile

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