Ministry of Intern Student Jess Huab

Emmaus Bible Institute is a four-year Bible School, equipping local believers for full time ministry and evangelism.  The course work at EBI consists of three years of class-room study and a one-year internship.  The internship gives students the opportunity to have hands-on ministry experience while being supervised by a local pastor.
The following is a report from Jess Huab, one of PAMI’s intern students.  Note that Jess is sponsored by the youth group of Trinity E. Free Church in Lakeville, MN.  Other EBI students could use sponsorship at $30 per month to help cover some of their expenses.

Name: Jess Huab
Field of assignment: Irosin PAMI church
Tentative schedule: November 2010 to October 2011
Year: 3rd year second semester/intern
Cooperating pastor: Ptr Gumer Gile
Intern supervisor: Ptr Chito Mendizabal
I’m happy to start the work in Cawayan, primarily because it is my own village. People are mostly friends and relatives. Our village is very remote because it is a mountain. From Irosin Church to Patag is about 10 kilometers, then you have to hike from Patag to Cawayan about 8 kilometers. Mostly, people are farmers; growing vegetables and root crops; some others find their living on coconut and abaca.
Children ministries in Cawayan is very encouraging because of the enthusiasms of the kids to listen to God’s Words. Children come so early to  house church and are very excited.
Adults and youth Bible study, however, is bit different. Many still people still feel awkward and seemed cautious at first. Probably because it’s their first time to attend Bible study. I experienced one time during Bible study that one man who passed by shouting at me, sort of mocking. But this time, people’s response is improving. Especially after having the Jesus Film here. Ptr Lorenzo did show the Jesus film here in our village. And many responded to the prayer of acceptance.
I’m very much encouraged too by so strong conviction of one attendee, an old lady, who is persecuted by her husband. Her house is very remote but she’s always in our Bible study. She said that no one could stop her from attending Bible study.
My prayer and vision is to establish a local church here in Cawayan.
Other good things that I want to praise God: generous heart of people giving me food and other personal needs.  And also for your continued support for me both in prayer and provisions. Thanks to the Youth of Trinity Church [currently sponsoring Jess Huab]. God richly bless your help in the mission.
Low points
The persecution that we experienced from some of the people in Cawayan, especially with our venue of Bible study. Sometimes, especially at night, light has been cut off. Sometimes, our venue is used for playing cards. Please pray that we could find a house that we could gather more peacefully.
Prayer Requests

  • Good venue for Bible studies in Cawayan
  • Baptism in Irosin Church
  • Wisdom and knowledge in the ministry
  • Healing for my brother Nonito who’s suffering from insomnia
  • Guitar
  • People in Cawayan

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